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Superior City


HeroClix and Mage Knight are games that fascinate me, in much the same way as Advanced HeroQuest, for their simplicity, and ease of use for fast-paced action-packed miniatures game encounters. I am more into role-playing games than competitive miniatures games, and I acquired many "Common" Mage Knight and "Rookie" HeroClix miniatures simply as a cheap source of interesting pieces to use for my other games. I got the idea of running a simple "superhero" genre game using HeroClix miniatures, a few house rules, and some effort put into making custom HeroClix models and dials. "Superior City" is the result of that.

As of this writing, "Superior City" is an ongoing campaign using a heavily modified version of the HeroClix rules, with each player controlling a 100-point custom HeroClix hero. The purpose of this web site is to serve as a repository for house rules and references for the game, primarily for the benefit of my players, but also on the off chance that anyone else might find a use for these ideas.

All of this was made a lot easier thanks to the work of Robert Doyle, a web applications developer whose work I discovered while searching for "custom HeroClix dials" through Google. I was able to make use of his utility to create the custom dials necessary for this campaign to create the players' custom heroes - and many of their adversaries.

None of this is at all official. (And I'm not about to vouch for the quality of the writing of any of these session summaries!) I am not in any way affiliated with Wiz Kids Games. This is just the work of a fan who enjoys the games.

Campaign Overview A few words of explanation about the "Superior City" campaign.
House Rules "Superior City" campaign rules.
Guidebook A tour of Superior City.
Session Summaries The adventures and misadventures of a loose band of super-vigilantes.
Characters Profiles of some of the inhabitants of Superior City.
Normals Statistics for "normals" - some of the less durable inhabitants of Superior City.
Challenge Points A scoring system for superheroic exploits in Superior City.
Feats Custom "Feat Cards" and Feat Points in this campaign.

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