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Deadlands Session Summaries

The following are session summaries for a Deadlands: Hell on Earth campaign run at my house from February of 2000 to July 2000.

Red Mesa Fire in the Hole Our heroes journey into the Red Mesa Research Facility to seek out the source of a plague of monsters that have been terrorizing a nearby settlement.

Head Chicken Another Fire in the Hole The Posse encounters its first Automaton, and fights off zombies, headcrabs and a syker monkey.

Nosferatu Nobody Got Blown Up This Time! The Posse fights off vicious Nosferatu, and then finds a much-needed medical center.

Explosion Too Easy? The Posse (barely) survives multiple clashes with Automatons and Black Hats, then mounts an attack on the ghost rock reactor at the center of the complex.

Green Skull Weirdness on the Way Out While fleeing Red Mesa Complex, the Posse fights off undead "junk-men", a contingent of Black Hats, and an "avatar" of the super-computer, Multi-Vac.

Potato Attack of the Killer Potatoes Months later, the Posse deals with a phantom trucker, a produce-borne disease, and a seemingly "quaint" little town.

Zombies at Work In Pursuit of Boris Brkic The Posse follows the trail of a dreaded vampire by the name of Boris Brkic, and are led to a fortified town ... where the vampire is the mayor!

Gothic Architecture Showdown in Barrett The Posse, being hunted down in a fortified town, tries to keep a low profile, as it sets out to defeat a centuries-old vampire.

Banjo The Grande Ole' Opryhouse The Posse escapes Barrett, and then deftly avoids an adventure at a place called the "Opryhouse".

Hangin' Judge New Heroes In an "intermission", new heroes are introduced, as they take on wall-crawlers, a "reborn" Hangin' Judge, and toxic zombies.

Barney Transformations The Posse makes a few personnel changes as it deals with a crazed "doctor" in one town, and tries to stop a war in another.

War 'n Peace War 'n Peace The Posse tangles with an Anti-Templar, a ridiculously powerful spirit, and a Doombringer and his minions.

Blackbird (zombie dumping goo) Blackbird The Posse takes on a zombie problem for the settlement of Blackbird, and holes up in a Wild West museum.

Tall Tales (wild west heroine) Tall Tales The Posse explores a Wild West museum, and invokes the spirits of legendary heroes in order to defeat the forces of evil.

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