Session Summary #12 -- "Blackbird"

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zombie dumping toxic goo
Dead Lands Session Summary #12: Blackbird

Our intrepid heroes left behind them the crater-marked valley where they faced off against the Doombringer, and braved the mountain country, relying on the hunting and foraging skills of Sweet Sue and Blue-Feather to supplement their meager food stores. At last, they came down to the fortified settlement of Blackbird, where they met a Syker by the name of Justan, and found a number of survivors who indicated that they had been plagued by attacks from zombies. The heroes offered to help with the zombie problem, and set out to find out where the zombies had been coming from. Although Sam Steele and Blue-Feather quickly found the trail, Neo-Samurai Jim seemed to be doing an especially good job of not only finding the trail ... but spying a group of zombies dumping some sort of toxic goo on the ground around them.

Zombie dumping toxic goo The heroes discovered that the road they were following had been reclaimed by nature at a rate far faster than even thirteen years of neglect should have accounted for, but as they continued, it was soon evident that this wasn't necessarily a case of nature reclaiming lost ground -- trees and plants were not only growing, but dying at an accelerated rate. The toxic goo the zombies were dumping appeared to be responsible for this, as the heroes witnessed grass and weeds sprouting from the goo, then quickly withering and dying.

While the heroes discussed whether to attack or bypass the zombies, several other zombies showed up, surrounding the heroes from all other sides, even though only Brother Joy was able to spot them at first (peering into the woods while the others were arguing). This spurred the Posse into action, as they charged forward, Sam Steele taking the lead with Chretien, as they galloped around the zombies in front, Sweet Sue lassoing them together with a rope. Blue-Feather rushed forward, taking out one of the roped-up zombies on her way past, as Chretien proceeded to trample several more zombies that appeared ahead, and Neo-Samurai Jim finished them off with his sword. Karl charged up to the roped zombies and chopped them into splinters with his sword, while Justan the Syker -- unbeknownst to the others -- used his mental powers to set fire to the forest around the approaching zombies, torching almost all of them, but starting a blaze that swiftly got out of control.

Our heroes rushed away from the forest fire and the pursuing (burning) zombies. While the zombies crumpled into ashes long before they could hope to catch up with the Posse, an undead flaming horse still managed to reach the toxic spill, setting it off in a minor explosion. Fortunately, the Posse was long gone from there, and unaffected.

At last, the Posse reached a building -- the Wild West Museum and Restaurant -- where they sought shelter, as more zombies closed in. Brother Joy and Blue-Feather discovered a nasty surprise in front of the windows -- mines buried just outside! A trip-mine arrangement was set up in front of the front door. Karl proceeded to blast it with his shotgun, while Sweet Sue and Neo-Samurai Jim had to dive for cover as the charge went off, and the nearby mines in front of neighboring windows went off in secondary blasts. Neo-Samurai leapt in one of the broken windows, only to slip on a slick floor and crash into a brochure stand ... then leap back to his feet before Sweet Sue rushed in as well. They soon discovered a bunch of greenish goo on the ceiling, ready to drop on the heads of the visitors, but Brother Joy and his pet Wall-Crawler, Spiky, went to the ceiling, clearing off a large section of the goop. Jim opened the next door just as Karl was coming in ... setting off a greenish blast of energy from within that hit Karl dead-on ... but amazingly, due to the wonders of fate, did no appreciable damage to him.

The Posse rushed inside, with the exception of the Syker, Justan, who backed up against a wall outside, and began shooting at the onrushing zombies and skeletal horses. Inside, Karl deliberately set off another trap while everyone was out of the way, resulting in no casualties this time. Blue-Feather inspected a gift shop area for possible traps or opponents, while the others searched for possible alternative means of escape. Justan, after getting trampled, managed to scramble inside, then got stampeded and knocked unconscious ... but fortunately knocked just inside the doors. Chretien, Sam Steele's horse, kicked the doors shut on the two undead horses, shattering their skulls and shutting out the horde of zombies.

So, our Posse looked about for possible dangers and anything that might be useful in escaping this seemingly endless supply of the walking dead....

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