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House Rules

As Marshals and other types of GMs are prone to do, I've come up with a few house rules during my role-playing campaigns. This time, it's a Deadlands campaign. Here is my attempt to put down some of these house rules in print, in the off chance that someone else reading this page might find any merit in them.

Strength Strength Shortcut Estimates of average values for common Trait die combinations, and a means of slightly streamlining NPC close combat damage.

Flag Brave New World Conversion Incomplete conversion rules to translate Brave New World characters over to Deadlands, or to use BNW power packages as new "Arcane Backgrounds" for Deadlands: Hell on Earth campaigns.

Gear Master Gear List A price listing of items from the basic rulesbook and Wasted West supplement, modified and expanded for my campaign.

Mutations Born a Mutant An alternate set of mutations for use when first creating a character, not beholden to the "Death", "Pestilence", "Famine", "War" scheme.

Archetype Traits Archetype Traits An alternative, non-random method of determining starting Traits.

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