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Witch Elf


This is a new Hero type, based on the Witch Elf from the Dark Elf Army in Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Dark Elves (Druchii) are the "lost brethren" to the Wood Elves and High Elves, dwelling in the frigid northern realms of Naggaroth. Long ago, their ancestors pledged fealty to the Chaos Gods, and their long association with the forces of Chaos has warped them in body and spirit. Outwardly, this is evident in their pale, sallow complexions, and their bleached hair -- though many times they hide this by dying their hair and tattooing their skin in strange colors and patterns.

Most Dark Elves are cold and calculating, cool in their tenuous relationship with the forces of Chaos. They do not revel in evil as a rule -- they simply live in a society so tainted by Chaos that actions that would be considered evil (and rightly so) by the forces of Order are of no concern to them. From birth, the "weak" and overly conscientious are "culled" -- or, to put it bluntly, murdered -- by their elders, so that only the strong and ruthless remain, driven by a witch's brew of emotions: anger, bitterness, lust, and -- though none would likely admit it -- terror.

Amongst the Dark Elves, there is a warrior sisterhood known as the Witch Elves, and they are the most cruel and bloodthirsty of their people. They are all pledged as mistresses to Khaine, Lord of Murder -- their name for the Chaos God, Khorne. After each battle, they choose victims to sacrifice to Khaine, and bathe in their blood, renewing their pact with the Lord of Murder.

The Witch Elves in the temples of Khaine, presided over by the extremely ancient Hag Queens. Once a year, they have riotous celebrations during what is known as Death Night. They prowl the streets and steal away any Dark Elves they find -- sometimes breaking into houses to steal away the inhabitants, if they cannot find enough unwary souls in the streets. The fate of most of these unfortunates is to be sacrificed to Khaine, their blood poured into boiling cauldrons, which the Hag Queens bathe in to restore themselves. The Hag Queens are magically restored, attaining an unearthly and certainly unholy cadaverous beauty that slowly withers away over the year, as they revert into the crones they truly are ... until the next Death Night.

Whereas most Dark Elves might regard their lot in life with some solemnity, Witch Elves throw themselves into the open maw of death and destruction with wild abandon. They eschew the "false comforts" of armor, and drink hallucinogenic potions that send them into wild frenzies. Those inducted into their number are stolen as infants and raised either to join the number of the Witch Elves, or to die in failure as victims of their bloodlust.

In short, Witch Elves are among the most vile of mortals in the Warhammer World.

If the GM should be so inclined as to let his players put together a party of Chaotic characters, the inclusion of a Witch Elf Heroine is no difficult matter. However, if a Witch Elf is to be included into a regular group of Heroes, then it is to be assumed that either the Witch Elf is prudently keeping her true origins a secret, or else she has turned away from the bogglingly wicked excesses of her former "sisters", and is seeking redemption by performing heroic deeds.

In any case, Dark Elves have a much easier time of blending in than most creatures of Chaos, so long as they don't go about human settlements wearing emblems of Khaine/Khorne in plain view.

All Witch Elves are female Dark Elves.

Witch Elves may not use armor. While Witch Elves may occasionally wear decorative "armor" pieces, these are purely ornamental in nature, and don't cover enough to provide any real protection.

Witch Elves may not use projectile weapons, and have -2 to Starting Bow Skill. Bows and crossbows violate the "ethic" of a Witch Elf (and are useless while Berserk), though thrown weapons such as spears and daggers are fine.

Witch Elves are Berserkers. A Witch Elf may go Berserk.

Witch Elves receive +2 to Starting Bravery. They not only laugh in the face of death, they kiss it full on its grinning bony face.

Witch Elves may use paired weapons. If a Witch Elf has a one-handed weapon in each hand (usually swords), she may strike with both during an attack action. Sweep attacks are not possible while using paired weapons.

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