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Gathered here are rules for various races in the Warhammer universe, and the professions available to them, beyond just generic "Warriors" and "Wizards" - many of these being attempts to translate characters introduced in Warhammer Quest and Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Also, there are some optional rules for use with Wizard characters using different Colleges of Magic.

Characteristics Characteristics for basic races
Chaos Characteristics for Chaos races
Beastmen Part man, part beast
Centaurs Half-horse/half-men of the wild
Elves High Elves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves
Minotaurs Minotaurs as "Heroes"
Ogres Ogre "Mercenary" Heroes
Skaven Skaven as (unlikely) Heroes

Race Chart AHQ Races and Profession Chart
Chaos Chart Chaotic Races and Professions
Archer Slight variation on Warrior
Beastmaster Wood Elf Beastmaster Hero
Berserker The Norscan Berserker
Champion of Chaos A Wizard or Warrior Anti-Hero
Hunter A rugged outdoorsy Hero
Knight A valiant, chivalrous Warrior
Ranger High Elf warrior-wizard
Rogue Thief and master spy
Troll Slayer Dwarven Berserker
Wardancer Wood Elf warrior-troubador
Warrior Priest Warrior Priest of Sigmar
Witch Elf Dark Elf Berserker
Wizards Various types of spellcasters

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