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Warrior Priest of Sigmar


In the history of the Old World, the religion of Sigmar has not been around for nearly so long as that of the old gods of Taal, Morr and Ulric, and there are plenty of other deities worshipped (or reviled) in the Warhammer world as well. However, what was once the Cult of Sigmar has become the dominant faith in the Empire, with the Hammer and the Gryphon as its holy symbols.

Historically, Sigmar was a great warrior, son of a powerful human tribe, who assisted the Dwarves in many battles against the invading Orcs and Goblins, and first united the human tribes into the Empire. The Imperial calendar starts with his inauguration as its first Emperor as Year 1.

The exact details of Sigmar's reign are unknown. The only surviving historical records of that time were those kept by the Dwarves; of Sigmar's life, they were only concerned with how it affected Dwarven interests. He left no heir, and indeed it is not known how he died; the last known account of him was that at some point he set his crown aside and journeyed eastward, disappearing without a trace.

Within a generation, a cult began to develop, claiming Sigmar's deity, and over the many centuries, it grew to compete with the followings of the old gods. Eventually, with the coronation of Magnus the Pious in the year 2304 came official sanction of the worship of Sigmar as the religion of the Empire.

Although there are still those who adhere to the old religions -- most notably the Knights of the White Wolf, who pledge their lives to Ulric -- most citizens of the Empire make the sign of the Hammer upon their chests in sign of devotion to Sigmar. Many are those who have dedicated their lives to becoming priests and priestesses -- not mere scribes and clerics, but warriors and warrioresses wielding blessed warhammers in Sigmar's name in the never-ending fight against the forces of Chaos.

Warrior Priest Heroes
Only humans may be Warrior Priests. Determine abilities as for a Warrior, but subtract 2 from Bow Skill.

Blessings of Sigmar
Warrior Priests of the Cult of Sigmar call upon Blessings from Sigmar in the same way that Wizards cast spells, except that they do not expend components in so doing. A beginning Warrior Priest knows one Blessing, which is chosen from the Warrior Priest's Book of Blessings.

The Warrior Priest may invoke a number of Blessings per Expedition equal to the total number of Blessings he knows. Blessings may be invoked additional times, by spending one Fate Point per invocation.

Additional Blessings may be learned by making a donation of 200 GCs to the Temple between expeditions. (No more than one new Blessing may be learned per expedition.) Alternately, a Warrior Priest may permanently expend a Fate Point to gain a new Blessing as a miracle from Sigmar, which he may use immediately.

Though Warrior Priests cast spells differently and have no use for material components, in all other respects they are considered another type of Wizard for game purposes.

Special Restrictions
Warrior Priests may only use warhammers as weapons (one- or two-handed) and must always wear holy vestments. For armor, they can only wear a specially-made ornamental breastplate.

Whenever a Warrior Priest goes to a settlement, first pay Cost of Living expenses and any debts, deducting this from any treasure gained. Then, one quarter (rounded up) of what remains of the treasure in GCs for this expedition must go to the Temple of Sigmar as tribute.

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