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Troll Slayer


This is a modified version of the rules for the Troll Slayer introduced in the Terror in the Dark supplement, to allow for use as a new Hero type.

Among the most fearsome fighters of the Dwarven race are the mighty Slayers. They are young Dwarves who have been disgraced, crossed in love, or in some other way humiliated. A Slayer will never discuss his dark secret -- about which it is neither polite nor wise to inquire -- but will attempt to attone for his past by following the path of the Troll Slayer, determined to meet his end in heroic battle against a powerful opponent. Indeed, the irony of an accomplished Troll Slayer is that he is, in a manner of speaking, unsuccessful at accomplishing his ultimate goal.

A Troll Slayer will offer his services to a Dwarf Hero when that Hero has acquired 2 Fate Points as a result of his adventures. If the Hero declines this offer of service, the Troll Slayer will add this further insult to his catalog of suffering, pick up his axe and head off once more in search of his destiny. The Hero will be unable to recruit another Troll Slayer until he has gained 2 more Fate Points. A Dwarf Troll Slayer must be paid 50 gold crowns in advance per expedition, and will not leave money or equipment to Heroes in a will.

Due to the Troll Slayer's near-suicidal nature, the rule concerning the loss of a Fate Point upon a special Henchman's death is somewhat modified here. If a Troll Slayer dies due to a blow received from a Troll or a more powerful monster in hand-to-hand combat, he has died an honorable death and therefore the Troll Slayer's companion Hero can at least have this small bittersweet consolation. In such a case, the Hero does not lose a Fate Point.

Troll Slayers have peculiar codes of conduct and combat and the following special rules apply to them.

Because of their peculiar attitude about danger, Troll Slayers never use shields, and they will not wear plate or mithril armor even if magical.

Troll Slayers never use ranged weapons such as bows or crossbows. (An "improvised" thrown weapon, such as an axe, is permissible.)

A Troll Slayer may go Berserk in combat if he wishes, just as a Berserk Monster. If confronted by a Troll, the Troll Slayer automatically goes Berserk and must attack the Troll, irrespective of whatever creatures may be present, the hazards which may be in the way (unless it's absolutely impossible to get at the Troll!) and of course his own safety.

A player may optionally choose to have the Troll Slayer as a Hero character, using the same characteristics as for a Troll Slayer Henchman. Alternatively, a Dwarf character may be rolled up.

If a Dwarf Troll Slayer character is rolled up, subtract 2 from starting Bow Skill, add 1 to starting Toughness, and add 2 to starting Bravery. The Troll Slayer Hero starts with a suit of Dwarven leather armor, a 2-handed axe, and no further currency or equipment, as he has forsaken all of his former possessions and holdings by following the path of the Troll Slayer.

A Troll Slayer Hero may gain Henchmen (including a single Troll Slayer) in the same way as any other Dwarf Hero.

A Slayer is always pursuing rumors and legends that may lead him to a worthy foe, so the adventures he goes on are more likely to include such a creature as the one he is seeking. If the GM is writing his own adventures, it's up to him how likely the Slayer is to encounter a worthy monster. However, if you are playing with "random dungeons", the Troll Slayer Hero may elect to declare at the start of any new dungeon that he is seeking the object of his quest. When the Quest Room is reached for this dungeon, if no qualifying monster has yet been encountered, roll 1d12. On a roll of 9 or more, there is indeed a monster that the Slayer has been seeking -- either a Troll, Giant, Dragon or Daemon, as appropriate.

In the case of a Daemon, roll 1d12 to determine the type.

Roll Monster Chaos Power
1-3 Lord of Change Tzeentch
4-6 Great Unclean One Nurgle
7-9 Keeper of Secrets Slaanesh
10-12 Greater Bloodthirster Khorne

The Troll Slayer is expected to take on this monster single-handedly if he's to accomplish his quest, so the other Heroes would actually be doing him a favor to leave the monster to him!

More accomplished Troll Slayer Heroes may gain the distinction of becoming a Giant Slayer, Dragon Slayer or even a Daemon Slayer. If the Troll Slayer is able to defeat a Troll in single hand-to-hand combat, without any outside aid (through beneficial spells, Wounds inflicted upon the Troll by another combatant, et cetera), then he has made a significant accomplishment ... and proven to himself that a Troll simply isn't a worthy enough foe! He earns a Fate Point for his accomplishment, separate from any other Fate Point awards gained for the adventure -- If he performs this feat again against other Trolls, there is no further Fate Point bonus.

If he wishes, he may now take the path of the Giant Slayer. Aside from the grim prestige that comes from this title, he gains no benefits per se. If confronted by a hostile Giant, he automatically goes Berserk and must attack it as he once did concerning Trolls. He is no longer affected by a compulsion to attack Trolls, since his goal is now changed.

If he should manage to accomplish the impressive feat of single-handedly defeating a Giant in hand-to-hand combat without any outside aid, he will immediately gain another Fate Point. If he manages to accomplish this feat again, he gains no further Fate Points aside from those normally gained from completing an adventure.

At this point, the Giant Slayer may then choose to follow the path of the Dragon Slayer. Now, Giants are replaced by Dragons as his foes (including Undead Dragons, Chaos Dragons, and large dragon-types such as Chimeras, Wyverns and Hydras). If he accomplishes this feat, he immediately gains 2 Fate Points, and then can go on to attain the title of Daemon Slayer if he so chooses.

A Daemon Slayer is no longer affected by any compulsion to attack Trolls or Dragons, but will instead go berserk when faced by any Chaos Warp Monster. If he manages to defeat one of the greatest of these in hand-to-hand combat, unaided (a Lord of Change, Great Unclean One, Keeper of Secrets or -- most powerful of all -- a Greater Bloodthirster), then he immediately gains 2 Fate Points.

A Daemon Slayer who has achieved this level of accomplishment may attain the title of Slayer King. If he continues his adventuring career, he will still go berserk when faced with Warp Monsters, as more powerful foes are hard to find, but if he retires, he may at least do so with great honor at having proven himself worthy despite his past humiliation.

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