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This is a new Hero type, to fulfil the role of "thief" and "spy" in a party of adventurers.

Rogues are somewhat unlikely Heroes, typically failing to endear themselves to law-abiding villagers, what with their particular areas of expertise. Nonetheless, sometimes a stealthy individual who might otherwise be naught more than a burglar or cutpurse might be compelled to join a band of brave heroes as they venture forth into dungeons to vanquish monsters, save villagers -- and, oh yes, get a lot of gold in the process.

Dwarves and Large Creatures may not be Rogues. This is not to say that all Dwarves are law-abiding, but none of them possess quite the amount of stealth and agility to fit the profile of a true Rogue. Furthermore, Large Creatures such as Ogres and Minotaurs are incapable of being suitably stealthy.

Rogues have -1 to Starting Toughness, -1 to Starting Strength, +2 to Starting Speed (maximum of 12).

Rogues have +2 to Avoid/Disarm Traps.

Special Abilities: Pick Locks, Spy, Sneak Move, Spot Traps.

Rogues may use shuriken.

Rogues may not wear anything heavier than leather armor and still be able to use their special abilities.

Rogues do not attract special Henchmen. They may, however, hire Men-at-Arms.

The GM may determine that modifiers apply to any of a Rogue's special abilities, based on the circumstances. For example, there might be a distraction, the Rogue's player might have thought of a clever plan, or it's just a very difficult lock.

This skill has no use in original Advanced HeroQuest, as doors are never assumed to be locked. However, should the GM determine that a door or chest is locked, and the heroes do not have access to a key, they may either try to smash open the chest or door, or else a Rogue in the party may attempt to pick the lock. In order to successfully pick a lock, the Rogue must roll under his Speed on 1d12. Failure means that the Rogue is unable to pick the lock.

A Rogue may attempt to spy upon a room before the heroes enter it and combat commences with any of the inhabitants, by peeking in from the doorway. Doing so reveals the contents of the room. (The GM has the option of determining that some things are beyond the Rogue's ability to see or hear.) If the Rogue rolls under his Speed on 1d12, he manages to do so without any monsters on the other side noticing.

A Rogue may attempt to sneak past an open door (with monsters inside) without drawing attention to himself -- and thus not entering combat. To do this, the Rogue must move at half normal Speed, and must roll under his Speed on 1d12. Success indicates that he has made it without drawing attention.

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