High Elf Ranger: New Hero Type
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The High Elf Ranger


This is a new Hero type, based on the High Elf from Advanced HeroQuest and the High Elf Ranger from Warhammer Quest.

Ranger Warfare and wizardry don't mix well. Life is too short for mortals to become proficient in both divergent fields. However, Elves are much longer-lived than humans, and are thus capable of learning far more of the ways of magic than could be done in a single human lifetime. They can just as easily afford to spend some time learning the ways of war as well as those of magic.

The High Elf Ranger is one such Hero, who has studied the arts of magic and of warfare, and has elected to go into the world at large to battle the forces of Chaos, rather than to spend the remainder of his days in some high ivory tower learning the secrets of magic for their own sake. As a Warrior and Wizard, he is a jack of both trades, and master of neither, but his versatility can still prove quite useful at times.

The Ranger may use any weapons or armor, must be a High Elf, and starts with -2 to Strength.

The High Elf Ranger may cast spells as a Wizard, and may select any one Color College or else the High Magic list. If he chooses High Magic, he is not allowed to also learn spells from the Color Colleges in the same way as a normal High Elf Wizard.

The High Elf Ranger starts off with only the two topmost spells listed on any given spell book sheet. For instance, in the case of Bright Magic, this would be the spells of Dragon Armor and Open Window. Additional spells may be learned by paying tuition in the same way as a Wizard. (The other Starting Spells cost 100 GCs each.)

The High Elf Ranger has some difficulty casting spells. For each spell he casts, he must pass an Intelligence test. If the spell normally requires an Intelligence test, then he must pass two Intelligence tests. Failing any Intelligence test for a spell means that the spell fails and the components are wasted.

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