Races and Professions
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Races and Professions


The following chart provides a quick overview of the different professions available to various races. More specific details of each profession and race (as well as particular spell selections for each college) are covered elsewhere.

Profession Human Wood Elf High Elf Dwarf Halfling Description
Warrior * * * * * Standard, most versatile type of Hero
Beastmaster   *       Able to commune with the beasts
Berserker *         Wary of magic, but furious in combat
Hunter * *     * Stealthy, at home in the forest
Knight *   *     Chivalrous, brave and well-equipped
Phoenix Guard     *     Silent but noble warrior
Ranger     *     High Elf wizard-warrior
Rogue * * *   * Master thief and spy
Slayer       *   Ferocious, suicidal berserker
Wardancer   *       Acrobatic warrior
Warrior Priest *         Hammer-wielding priest of Sigmar
Wizard * * * * * Wielder of powerful magic
- High     *     Master of all forms of Elven magic
- Light *   * * * Priest; scourge of the undead
- Gold *   * * * Alchemist; able to identify potions
- Jade * * * * * Druid; able to identify plants
- Celestial *   * * * Seer/astrologer; master of fate
- Grey *   * * * Wandering weather wizard
- Amethyst *   * * * Mentalist; master of emotions
- Bright *   * * * Master of the element of fire
- Amber * * * * * Shaman; master of the wild
- Ice *         Ice wizard of Kislev


Humans are the most common race to be found in the Old World, and the most versatile.

High Elves are more agile and dextrous than humans, though less durable. They are naturally stealthy, adding a +1 to Surprise Rolls for any party which has one or more Elves in its midst. High Elves alone may practice the art of High Magic - an all-encompassing brand of magic that the Human "color magic" is only a pale reflection of. Elf Wizards have an additional +1 to Intelligence, but -1 to Strength (bringing that to a total of -2 to Strength, for being a Wizard).

Wood Elves are virtually identical to High Elves, except that they are born to the woods, and therefore may move through wooded areas without penalty to movement. However, they are not as accustomed to heavy armor, and cannot wear platemail of any sort. They have been long separated from their home nation, and do not have the same mastery of High Magic as their High Elf kin.

Dwarves are a stout and sturdy race, naturally proficient in the use of hand weapons, impressively tough, but not particularly fast nor intellectually inclined. They are not versed in magic, but they are impressive warriors. Furthermore, due to their familiarity with underground structures and mechanical constructions, they gain +2 to chances to detect and disarm traps.

Halflings are a rare sight among adventurers, being diminutive and normally docile subjects of the Empire. However, they are natural archers, and, like Wood Elves, can move through the woodlands unimpeded.

It is possible to play a "Half-Elf" or some other (perhaps more exotic) hybrid for purposes of character background, but one's statistics and abilities should be patterned after one of the existing races. Also, either gender may be picked, with no effect on generated statistics or abilities.

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