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The Knight


This is a new Hero type, based on the Knightly Orders from the Empire Army in Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

The army of the Empire is composed of many proud and able warriors, drawn from the many lands that pledge allegiance to the Emperor. Perhaps most celebrated of all of these regiments, however, would be the knightly orders. These are special military brotherhoods, each with its own unique history, codes of conduct and distinctive heraldry that sets it apart from the others. To be a member of one of these knightly orders is an honor indeed, and one reserved for few.

Knights are well-equipped Warriors, on quests to prove their valor by fighting the forces of Chaos. Much is given to a Knight Hero, but much is also expected.

Knights start the game with a suit of plate armor, +2 to Starting Bravery, and -2 to Bow Skill (since ranged weapons are not part of their repertoire). This plate armor is distinctive with the heraldry of the order, and may not be sold. Knights also have barded warhorses, which also may not be sold -- but warhorses are not taken into dungeons, so for most games, this is mere window-dressing.

Knights -- particularly those idealistic warriors partaking of quests -- are expected to be chivalrous and upright. News of unchivalrous behavior reaching a knight's superiors may prompt them to take punitive action. This may range from fines or fees, confiscation of magical artifacts, to being stripped of status as a knight. (This is at the sole discretion of the GM.)

Knights defend the innocent; they do not sneak up and attack from behind, nor do they attack the defenseless.

A Knight will not use ranged weapons (considering them cowardly). A Knight will not leave behind fallen comrades unless ordered to by a superior (such as the party's leader, if he does not fill that role himself). A Knight subtracts 2 from the party's Surprise roll.

The player should choose a Knightly Order for his Knight. There are many to choose from within the Empire, and the player may even make up one. Bretonnian Knight PCs come from the number of the Questing Knights, whereas High Elf Knight PCs are from the Dragon Princes.

The Knights of the White Wolf all follow the old faith of Ulric, fighting with distinctive two-handed warhammers bearing the rune of Ulric on the head. They fight bare-headed, letting their hair and beards grow long and wild. Their horses wear bright red barding and emblems of the White Wolf -- sacred animal of Ulric -- while they themselves wear black armor draped with pelts of fur.

The Knights Panther is one of the oldest and most respected of the Knightly Orders, tracing its origins back to the times of the Crusades against Araby. The Knights Panther are distinctive for their practice of wearing the pelts of spotted cats over their armor, and their emblem is that of the spotted, golden-furred "panther", while their horses are barded in bold blue colors.

Knights of the Reiksguard are recruited from all over the Empire, comprised of the sons of many wealthy and powerful families. They are not often given to questing, being assembled more for the defense of the Empire, but there may still be a few brave young warriors eager to prove their merits in times when they are not needed for the Army.

These Knights are distinctive for their armor of burnished brass, and shields bearing the device of the Blazing Sun.

The neighboring nation of Bretonnia has a dominant warrior cult that worships the Lady of the Lake. Questing Knights are brave warriors who undertake quests, led by dreams, in search of the Grail, and thus gaining the blessing of the Lady. Their emblem is the Fleur de Lys, a symbol of Bretonnia and of their quest.

Humans are not the only ones to have Knightly Orders. The Dragon Princes of the High Elves once rode dragons into battle, and their ornate armor and the barding of their horses commemorates this history, decorated to suggest heads and wings of mighty dragons, enameled in bright red or green.

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