Hunter: New Hero Type
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The Hunter


This is a new Hero type for Advanced HeroQuest.

It is not an uncommon thing for any ordinary Warrior to also be a hunter, when he is not fighting monsters and seeking treasure. The Hunter, however, represents an especially gifted individual who knows the ways of the wilderness, and he may be able to employ his gifts of stealth in the dungeon as well. He fills a similar role to the Rogue, though he has acquired his skills for entirely different reasons.

Hunters may not wear armor heavier than leather armor and still be able to use their special abilities.

Hunters gain +2 on all normal rolls to Spot and Disarm traps. They are master trackers.

Special Abilities: Spy, Spot Traps, Sneak Move.

Hunters have -1 to Starting Weapon Skill. Theirs is not as martial of an upbringing as that of most Heroes.

Hunters may Live Off the Land. Instead of visiting a settlement, a Hunter may spend the time between expeditions in the wilderness, avoiding Cost of Living expenses.

A Hunter may attempt to spy upon a room before the heroes enter it and combat commences with any of the inhabitants, by peeking in from the doorway. Doing so reveals the contents of the room. (Of course, the GM has the option of determining that some things are beyond the Hunter's ability to see or hear.) If the Hunter rolls under his Speed on 1d12, he manages to do so without any monsters on the other side noticing.

A Hunter may attempt to sneak past an open door (with monsters inside) without drawing attention to himself -- and thus not entering combat. To do this, the Hunter must move at half normal Speed, and must roll under his Speed on 1d12. Success indicates that he has made it without drawing attention. Failure means that he has drawn attention to himself, just as if he had been striding past in plain view. (Of course, the GM is free to determine that in certain situations, other mitigating factors may apply -- especially if there are any distractions.)

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