Chaotic Races and Professions
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Chaotic Races and Professions


The following chart provides a quick overview of the different professions available to various races normally associated with the forces of Chaos. More specific details of each profession and race (as well as particular spell selections) are covered elsewhere.

Profession Skaven Dark Elf Beastman Minotaur Ogre Centaur Description
Warrior * * * * * * Standard, most versatile type of Hero
Rogue * * *       Master thief and spy
Witch Elf   *         Frenzied berserker
Wizard * * *       Unable to use armor, but gains powerful spells


Skaven are subterranean rat-like humanoids living underneath the cities of mankind. As subterranean creatures, they are capable of seeing in near-complete darkness.

Dark Elves are the Chaos-warped brethren of Elves. Dark Elf Wizards may learn either Dark Magic or else the Color Colleges of mankind, having lost the use of High Magic long ago.


Beastmen are Chaos-wrought fusions of man and beast. Most of them are brutish warriors, but some of them who are magically inclined are revered as shamans.

Minotaurs are the largest of Beastmen. By nature, they are brutish berserkers, large and fearsome.

Ogres are large and brutish creatures, arguably an offshoot of Mankind, often mercenaries in the clashes between order and Chaos.

Centaurs are another example of Chaos-influenced fusion of man and beast: short-tempered brutes, part man, part horse (or some other animal).

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