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Chaos Centaur (Leonine) In the forests of the Old World, there are strange creatures that are a fusion of man and beast, made that way by the strangely corrupting energies of Chaos. Most Centaurs are a fusion of man and horse: their lower body is like the body of a horse, but where the horse's head should be, there is instead the upper torso of a man attached. These products of Chaos have accumulated in enough number to make a race all their own, though there are variations: Amongst the Chaos Dwarves are Bull Centaurs, which have the body of a bull instead of a horse. There are also incidental mutations and strange magical occurrences which produce other creatures that might be counted as Centaurs, though their lower halves might more resemble other beasts, such as lions or other predators.

Chaos Centaurs find kinship with the Beastmen of the northern wilderness, and often join in their "herds". Other Centaurs can be scattered about the deepest forests of the Old World, not necessarily aligned with Chaos per se, but having a wild enough nature that they do not normally interact with mankind or the Elder Races.

Centaurs are Cavalry models, and all appropriate rules apply to them. In short, they are Large Monsters, though they are not Fearsome Monsters, and may potentially carry a rider. Unlike most Cavalry models, such as a horse, a Centaur can actually pick up an unconscious model and sling it over his back. (This takes the Centaur's entire turn.) A Centaur model occupies two spaces on the dungeon floor layout.

Centaurs are not Large enough to use Massive Weapons (such as a Massive Club or Axe), unlike most Large Monsters. However, Centaurs have natural weapons in the form of Hooves (or Claws, depending upon the type of Centaur). On the damage chart, this is treated as "Claws/Fangs", with damage done according to the Centaur's Strength.

Centaurs have the potential to be able to do two attacks per turn, thanks to their upper bodies. If a Centaur is armed with a weapon, he may attack with the weapon and with his Hooves or Claws in the same turn, for a total of two attacks.

A Centaur, unlike most models, may move and shoot in the same turn when using a bow. In essence, he's a "mounted archer", providing his own mount.

The upper body of a Centaur is built in the same way as a human's, so items such as magic helms, rings, belts, hand weapons, shields and so forth will work just fine for a Centaur without any special modification or consideration.

Items of armor, however, have to be specially constructed for a Centaur, from a combination of pieces of conventional armor and horse barding. Armor for a Centaur costs double the normal cost.

A Centaur might conceivably come across some horse barding that he wishes to try to employ for partial armor. In this case, the Centaur gets the appropriate bonus to Toughness, and penalties to Speed, though there is no effect to Bow Skill. However, whenever the Centaur is attacked, there is a random chance that the Toughness will not apply. Make a roll on 1d12 for each turn that an enemy attacks the Centaur. (Assume that this same roll applies to all attacks made by that model against the Centaur this turn, including Criticals.) On a roll of 6 or less, the attack hits the Centaur's upper body instead. On a roll of 7 or more, it hits the barding, and the Toughness bonus applies.

A Centaur might also try to make use of conventional armor constructed for a human or Elf (or other human-sized and human-shaped creature). In this case, the Centaur just uses the pieces that fit, protecting his upper torso, but leaving the "horse half" exposed. The Centaur gets the appropriate bonus to Toughness and penalty to Bow Skill, but this has no effect on his Speed. However, whenever the Centaur is attacked, there is a random chance that the Toughness will not apply. Resolve this in the same way as for Barding above.

A Centaur Hero that visits a Settlement is not going to be in for a warm welcome. At the very least, most Centaurs look human enough from the waist up, but there's no denying their magical origins, and Centaurs have a reputation for being drunken rabblerousers and hot-headed trouble-makers if not outright murderous plunderers and pillagers.

Thus, all expenses for a Centaur Hero while in a Settlement, including Cost of Living expenses, are doubled. It is conceivable that a friendly Hero might purchase some equipment for the Centaur as a way to get around such difficulties, but in the case of training, healing, and other services, the Centaur's presence will be required, and there's just no way to get around the awkwardness.

Centaurs are at home in the wilderness, and can survive just fine off the land. Whenever the Heroes go to a Settlement, the Centaur Hero may opt to stay in a nearby forest instead. This means that the Centaur may avoid paying Cost of Living expenses.

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