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Champion In the northern lands corrupted by the flows of Chaos, misshapen monsters dwell in the dark and twisted woodlands -- magical fusions of man and beast in body, mind and spirit. They are possessed of near-human intellect, yet driven by bestial instincts. Their bodies represent a fusion of the parts of many different beasts, though most common are bestial men with legs, fur and horned heads of goats and rams, combined with sharpened teeth that mark them as carnivores. Many of them combine parts of other animals, often giving a hint as to their allegiance to the various Chaos Gods. Bull/cow humanoids are likely made in the image of Slaanesh, those with bird-like features are quite probably blessed by Tzeench, and those that look more like red-furred dogs or wolves are most certainly chosen by Khorne. (Nurgle is not nearly so particular about species, and any Beastmen fashioned to his whims are easily identified simply by open, weeping wounds, and terrible infections and mutations.) Regardless of their allegiance, Beastmen take great pride in the size and number of their horns -- Horned Beastmen are known as Gors, whereas those without horns are seen as inferior, and referred to as Brays.

Beastmen live short, brutish lives, for not only are they carnivores, but cannibals, and they frequently fight amongst themselves for dominance, devouring defeated rivals. When a herd leader dies, the clan gathers together and mourns his passing, then ritually devours pieces of his flesh -- the choicest bits being given to his most favored lackeys and mightiest warriors, and the heart (believed to hold a measure of the departed leader's wisdom and spirit) is devoured in one single bite by his successor, to the brays and applause of the gathered herd.

Shaman of Tzeentch Shamans
So close are they to the forces of Chaos that even such brutes as Beastmen are capable of learning the ways of magic, and these gifted individuals are known as shamans. Quite often, they can be distinguished from the rest of the herd by distinctive features, as the respective Chaos Gods "bless" them with mutations to reshape them to more closely resemble their patrons.

A Beastman Shaman is treated like a Wizard. Namely, Beastman Shamans cannot wear armor or use shields, though they may use any melee weapon. Beastman Shamans have characteristics slightly modified from the normal Beastman profile, in that they have -1 to Strength.

A Chaotic Beastman Shaman may freely gain spells from Tzeentch, Slaanesh or Nurgle, though one patron god must be chosen for its initial spell selection. If the Beastman Shaman is to be a member of a party of adventurers aligned with the forces of Order rather than Chaos, then the Amber College must be chosen instead. The Chaos Gods do not casually grant their gifts, and no sane Hero would work alongside a sorcerer invoking their powers.

Beastman Heroes
A hairy, smelly, misshapen cannibal is definitely not a prime choice as a fellow adventurer. In a Chaotic group, the Beastman might simply be along for the mayhem, but in the case of a band of true Heroes, justifying the presence of a "reformed" Beastman would require more effort. Perhaps the Beastman has developed an intellect beyond that of his forebears, and for whatever reason has left the realms of Chaos to attempt to find a worthwhile life elsewhere. Perhaps the Beastman was spared by the Heroes, and possesses a rare sense of loyalty and gratitude.

In any case, a Beastman is not going to be welcomed with open arms to the local settlement. Most probably he'll have a muzzle on, and be led around by a leash by Heroes of more acceptable appearance. If there is not at least one "normal" member of the group (a Human, Elf, Dwarf or Halfling), the Beastman cannot visit a settlement.

Given the well-deserved poor reputation of Beastmen in general, all costs for a Beastman are doubled while in a settlement. Conceivably, helpful Heroes could purchase items for the Beastman. In the case of services, however, there is just no getting around the basic costs, since training and healing and such would require the Beastman's presence.

Live Off the Land
Beastmen have the Survival Special Skill, and may choose to spend the time between expeditions living in the wilderness rather than visiting a settlement, avoiding Cost of Living expenses.

Weapons and Armor
Beastmen may use normal weaponry and shields. They may also scavenge weapons and shields taken from creatures of Chaos, but may not sell them, since no one will buy such tainted items.

Beastmen, by their nature, are misshapen and warped by Chaos, and no two Beastmen have quite the same body shape, despite superficial similarities. Therefore, any armor purchased for a Beastman costs double the normal amount, due to the requirement that such armor be custom-fit. Such armor cannot be sold in settlements.

Armor scavenged from other Beastmen or human-sized creatures (including, of course, humans) has 1 less point of Toughness, as the Beastman has to effectively remove large parts of the armor in order to make it fit. (The normal penalties to BS and Speed still apply, though, due to the awkwardness of this arrangement.) Thus, scavenged Leather armor is of no use at all to a Beastman. Shields work normally.

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