Archer: New Hero Type
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The Archer


These are optional rules for generating an "Archer" Hero as a special Warrior type.

A player who decides to choose a Warrior for his Hero type may opt to declare the Warrior as an "Archer". The Archer is not listed on any of the race/profession charts on this site, as it is really just a sub-type of Warrior, and the only difference is in how starting abilities are generated. In all other respects, the Archer is no different from a standard Warrior.

Once starting characteristics are determined, the player has the option of taking up to 2 points away from Weapon Skill and applying them to Bow Skill instead. Please note that Weapon Skill cannot be dropped lower than 1, and Bow Skill cannot be increased to more than 12 in this manner.

After this slight modification, the Archer is treated in exactly the same fashion as a normal Warrior for all intents and purposes. This just helps to ensure that the character has an impressive Bow Skill, if the player has archery in mind for the character's specialty, though at the expense of close combat weapons training.

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