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Inspector Seymore Watterson Inspector Seymore Watterson
Profession: Inspector

Summary: Inspector Watterson is an agent for "The Company" - British Intelligence. The Company is concerned about a strange invention by the noted German scientist, Dr. Rudolph Richtenstein. Richtenstein is known for his eccentricities and crazy schemes, and his latest invention may well be a collection of junk, but the Company would like to find out, either way.

Inspector Watterson is to keep an eye on the good Doctor, and observe the demonstration, to see if this device might present any sort of potential threat. If it turns out to be a failure, that's all good and well. If, however, this device genuinely works, then Inspector Watterson is to report his findings.

Any information he can obtain on the device toward that end would be beneficial. He is also to keep an eye out for any other agents who may show undue interest in this invention. If it is actually functional, and other powers may be interested in it, it may be necessary to take actions to make sure that this device doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Personality Notes: British

Objectives: observe invention in action, determine whether it works or not; in either case, make report to superiors; if device is successful, take advantage of any opportunities to collect more information on the device, and to make sure it doesn't fall into the hands of rivals to the Crown

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