Player Handouts
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Player Handouts


Here are links to a number of player handouts for use with the "Westward on the Orient Express" adventure. These include quick player profiles. Please note that the information contained in the player handouts is by no means complete or wholly accurate. It may well be that the character thinks that what is said on the sheet is true, but that the truth is another matter entirely. If you happen to be a player of this scenario, read no further! Each of the characters may have their own particular secrets, and reading this would spoil the fun!

Player Profiles

Doctor Brandon Wright, American Doctor

Master Chen Lung, Mystical Martial Artist

Professor Arthur Hiram Hedgefield, Museum Curator

Madame Rosalie LaGrange, Spiritualist

Manfred "The Magnificent" Manheim, Stage Magician

Miss Margot Leplume, Debutante

Doctor Rudolph von Richtenstein, Mad Scientist

William "One Shot Willie" Tucker, American Adventurer

Inspector Seymore Watterson, Lawman

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