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William Tucker William "One Shot Willie" Tucker
Profession: Gambler/Gunslinger

Summary: Mr. Tucker is a gunslinger from the Confederacy, out to find his fortune in the world abroad - since he's certainly not going to find it as a sharecropper back home. He's a dead shot with a pistol, but he's also not too bad at a hand of poker. In fact, his current trip across Europe has been thanks to a string of wins in gambling halls.

He even managed to acquire a vintage gatling pistol - These things are pretty rare these days, as once they break down, it seems that they stay that way, since there just aren't as many "mad scientists" around these days to fix them properly. He only keeps that for special occasions - Most of the time, he just keeps a derringer, if any trouble breaks out over a game (or a woman).

Right now, he's just trying to keep his eye out for a chance for the big win - something that'll pay off more than just enough for him to wander off to his next adventure.

Personality Notes: confident, brash, cocky, takes the initiative

Objectives: make money, show off to impress the ladies, find adventure, make a name for himself

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