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Von Richtenstein Doctor Rudolph von Richtenstein
Profession: Mad Scientist

Summary: Richtstein was crippled at an early age, and requires the use of a wheelchair to get around. Innovative as he is, his wheelchair is steam powered, utilizing ghost rock. His lack of ability to be able to get around on his own has driven much of his research, which tends to focus on various means of locomotion.

Dr. Richtstein travels in his own private car latched onto the train, filled with marvels of mad science, mostly made to be conveniences - and most of the time, they even work. Thus, he has his own personal laboratory cruising along at the end of the train.

Richtstein is on board the Orient Express for the sole purpose of demonstrating his latest invention, the Trans-Ether Ancibulator ... though he renames it from time to time, as a new idea strikes him. What seems to others sheer madness is to him sheer brilliance, and this is a prime example - This device is, according to his calculations, capable of causing the entire Orient Express to cover its travel in a fraction of the normal time, by going across a "fold" in space, thus reaching France in record time. (There's the matter of the stops along the way it would be skipping, but Richtstein isn't overly concerned about such trivialities, compared to the importance of this monumental achievement for the cause of science!) He plans on operating this device at midnight, during a full moon (so as to achieve an equilibrium between the gravitational pulls of the sun and moon, of course) and to awe all aboard with his scientific genius.

Personality Notes: eccentric, proud of his inventions, convinced of his genius, prone to come up with absurd theories and to back them up with sheer technobabble

Objectives: test invention, prove that it works, make certain that no one steals the plans, and impress everyone with his ... unique ... understanding of science

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