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Miss Margot Miss Margot Leplume
Profession: Spy

Summary: Miss Margot's cover story is that she is a young heiress simply out to see the world, and find adventure. While a portion of that may be true, the full truth of the matter is that Miss Margot is employed by Hellstromme Industries. She has the task of ascertaining the value of this mad invention of Dr. Richtstein, and if it's not just a crackpot scheme, obtain the blueprints by whatever means necessary (without getting caught, of course!) and get them to an agent in Paris at the end of the line. (Toward that end, it would be advisable not to steal the blueprints too early, lest the theft be noticed before Miss Margot can safely arrive with them in France.)

Personality Notes: seemingly harmless, observant, secretly manipulative

Objectives: obtain plans to invention, get them to Paris

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