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Madame Rosalie LaGrange Madame Rosalie LaGrange
Profession: Spiritualist

Summary: Madame LaGrange enjoys some minor reknown as a psychic and medium, making use of her "second sight" to contact the spirit world and sometimes even tell the future. It is true that she has been gifted with certain abilities, but she owes a great deal of her success to showmanship, and most of her "knowledge" about the occult is simply a collection of popular cliches. She has had some disturbing dreams about the Orient Express passing through a place full of restless spirits, and she has been led to feel that she may find her destiny on this journey. After all, she is not content to be little more than a pretender to the title of "medium" and "mystic". Her true ambition is to gain a greater understanding of the truth behind the supernatural, and to gain greater control of its mysteries. The Madame is accompanied by her pet black cat, Bastet.

Personality Notes: tendency to play up her abilities to be more potent than they truly are; prone to showmanship

Objectives: investigate the unknown, learn more about the mysteries of the universe, seek out greater power, and take good care of Bastet

Special Notes: Your character has the "Spiritualist" special Edge. With this Edge, you may, during the course of role-play, choose to spend fate chips in order to "consult the spirits" and divine answers to questions. You are by no means guaranteed that the spirits will be cooperative or that they'll give you the correct answer. You'll have to use your personal judgement to decide whether you trust them or not ... but most of the time, they've proven to be fairly reliable, so far as you know.

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