Profile - Professor Hedgefield
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Professor Hedgefield Professor Arthur Hiram Hedgefield
Profession: Professor and Museum Curator

Summary: Professor Hedgefield is an expert on antiquities who sometimes goes out into the field to take a personal hand in examining noteworthy archaeological sites. He is returning from one such "dig", entrusted with a few curios destined to become museum displays back in London. He is normally a quiet, unassuming fellow, though when his curiosity is stirred, there's no stopping him. He is also very particular about the notion of preserving "treasures" of the past, so that future generations may enjoy them, and is horrified by anything that might jeopardize such endeavors. In his studies, he has actually learned quite a bit about the occult, even though he doesn't seriously believe in such things.

Personality Notes: observant, bookish, very British

Objectives: get curios safely to London, be on the lookout for discoveries of historic significance

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