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Master Chen Lung Master Chen Lung
Profession: Martial Arts Mystic

Summary: The slightly built Master Lung is not what he appears to be. Even though he claims to be in his seventies (if asked), and only appears to be in his forties or fifties at most, in actuality he is far older than that. Master Chen Lung's name is a joke of sorts, for his true name is difficult to pronounce, and would not be given out casually regardless. In actuality, he is a dragon in human form - a "young" dragon by the standards of his kind, and significantly weakened from his earlier glory as the powers of magic have dwindled greatly in the world in the past couple of decades. Even so, Master Lung is aware that there is still considerable evil in the world, and a great deal of it supernatural in origin.

Master Lung is not on the side of "good", per se, but he is a proponent of order, and the forces of darkness almost always represent chaos and disorder. He has more or less entertained himself by traveling about, seeking out creatures of the darkness, and vanquishing or subduing them. As is befitting a dragon, he is cold, calculating and meticulous, showing mercy only when it appears that doing so would benefit him.

In the most dire of situations, Master Lung could conceivably call upon what remains of his power to return to his true dragon form, but doing so would be to sacrifice his life as a mortal, and condemn him to return to the plane of the spirits - for he could not survive for long in the world of mortals, with so little magic to draw upon. Given the sad state of the plane of spirits, and the strength of the powers of chaos there, this is not a decision he would make lightly.

In his form as a human, however, he is still quite formidable. He is a master of unarmed combat, he possesses a keen eye and intellect, and he possesses considerable knowledge of the occult.

Personality Notes: cool, calculating, serious, level-headed, secretive

Objectives: maintain secrecy of true identity, defeat forces of chaos

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