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Dr. Brandon Wright Doctor Brandon Wright
Profession: Physician

Summary: Dr. Wright is a young doctor from the USA who, fresh out of medical school, went off to serve in a mission in Calcutta - not for religious reasons, but nonetheless out of a humanistic desire to help out those less fortunate. He was fairly certain of his ability to think logically and rationally, and thought highly of his education ... until events in India tore apart his perception of reality. He had been rather taken with a young woman, but any dreams of romance were shattered when he learned that she had been responsible for a number of brutal murders that had been attributed to a man-eating tiger. He had grown concerned about her secretiveness and pursued his suspicions by following her one night. He witnessed her transformation into a tigress under the light of the full moon. He himself would have been her next victim, had it not been for a nosy British officer who had been following him in turn - an officer who, unlike Dr. Wright, happened to be carrying a gun, and thus was far better prepared to deal with the tiger. The tiger was slain, the case was closed ... and the only witness to this startling transformation was Dr. Wright himself.

Shaken and in doubt of his own sanity, Dr. Wright left India, and has been heading westward, back to "civilization", intending to seek psychiatric help so he can put his shattered life back together again ... and somehow reconcile his observations with his rational, logical, orderly concept of reality.

Personality Notes: idealistic, haunted by events in India, wary of the supernatural

Objectives: save lives, be a hero, find rational explanations for irrational events

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