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Deadlands: Archetype Traits

Normally in Deadlands, the character generation system is fairly random. However, it might be that you'd prefer the Posse to start off on fairly equal footing. One way of doing this is to allow your players to choose from the character Archetypes presented in the rules, and letting them tweak the Aptitudes a bit to their liking. However, you may notice a bit of a pattern in most of the Archetypes insofar as their Traits go. (There are a few exceptions to this pattern, but they're not the rule.)

Basically, the player would get the following results to distribute amongst his Traits, rather than drawing cards as per normal. From that point on, you calculate Wind, Pace, Strain, and the number of points available to spend on Aptitudes and Edges as usual. It is most certainly just fine for any player to stick the highest results below under whatever Trait that he'd benefit from. Just remember that each of these results can only be distributed to one Trait - You can't stick 2d12 or 3d10 in all of them! On the bright side, none of these came up as d4s...

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