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The Ballad of Red Mesa
written and performed by John Zielinsky

Come Gather 'round my brothers
And listen to my song
About the Red Mesa
Where things went terrible wrong

They say it was a research base
Before the last world war
But they kept on making things
Though no one knows what for

The towns nearby got nervous
When days turned into night
Things came from Red Mesa
That would give you a terrible fright

Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
Don't go outside at night

The townsfolk called for heroes
To rid them of their plague
A man stepped up in a leather coat
And Jim was his name

Well Jim he studied Samurai
He knew their every move
He went into Red Mesa
His honor for to prove

Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
Poor Jim, you'll probably lose

The townsfolk were quite impressed
Though one man wouldn't do
They called for more volunteers
And Leonard was number two

A hard nosed survivalist
With a case of dynamite
Leonard loved to mix it up
He'd never back out of a fight

Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
For Leonard things just got tight

The folks asked for more volunteers
A strange voice shouted, "Me"
Up steps a tall foreigner
The stranger was number three

When asked about his purpose here
He replied with a snarl
"I kill vampires and zombies"
Said the man that they called Karl

Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
It's more than your match, Karl

Well, they gathered up their weapons
And loaded em on a truck
The townsfolk were gathered 'round
To wish the heroes luck

The dust it swirled around them
As they drove out on the sand
The townsfolk all just hung their heads
For doom was close at hand

Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
Yes, doom is close at hand

Well the tale gets kind of hard to tell
Once they broke into the base
They met up with a scientist
Who helped them through the place

They also met a loyal guard
Who helped them to survive
The Scientist killed giant rats
But didn't come out alive

The heroes took out undead foes
and sent them to their graves
Then blew up the reactor
The townsfolk for to save

The heroes then left the scene
In a hum-vee they acquired
While leading out survivors
The stakes had gotten higher

They met up with a demon
From the deepest pits of Hell
It only motive was revenge
Brought on by a cyber-spell

Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
The bells tolled a death knell

The heroes battled bravely
The beast seemed about to win
When a coyote they'd been travelling with
Went inside the demon's skin

The coyote fought him virtually
While the others watched outside
Karl did his best to help the dog
So the pup wouldn't get fried

Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
The coyote could lose his hide

The battle raged on furiously
And a weakness it was found
The dog fought courageously
And the beast fell to the ground

The heroes checked their bandages
Underneath the desert sun
They headed back towards the town
Because the good guys won

The folks in town were quite amazed
To see the men return
They'd seen a giant mushroom cloud
They thought the boys had burned

The town embraced their heroes
And this song sings the fame
Of Barney, Leonard, Karl and Jim
And a coyote without a name

Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-
Red Mesa-

The Ballad of Red Mesa
By John Zielinsky
(c) 2000 Ursine Music

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