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A Deadlands: Hell on Earth Adventure by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock

Posse Overview

The following is a quick overview of the pre-generated player characters, meant as a hand-out for players in order to pick what character they would like to play for the scenario.

Mordred, Anti-Templar

Paladin-type. Close combat specialist with healing ability. The Templars were formed as a group of heroes to help the survivor settlements of the Wasted West. However, their methods in determining the "worthiness" of such settlements to receive help have been controversial, to say the least. This hero is a member of a counter-movement, the Anti-Templars, who seek to help everyone, without worrying about who is "worthy" of help. Still, the source of the power the Anti-Templars use is in question, and many of them seem to slip down the path to corruption. This Anti-Templar is a knight in tarnished armor, proficient in close combat, and able to use supernatural powers to heal wounds on himself and others.

REB-64, Cyborg

"Robot" warrior. Heavily armored close combat specialist. Automatons and robots in the Deadlands universe aren't true "robots". They're motivated by the artificially reanimated brain matter of deceased people, combined with so-called "AI" co-processor units. This "robot" is a combat drone that was serving the Confederacy before the bombs dropped, as a close combat specialist. The war is over, the commanders have been vaporized, but there are many cyborgs wandering the wastes, still obeying the "programming" they were given years before. This is one such cyborg, trying to do heroic deeds, but still confined by the orders of its "AI" and old, programmed directives.

Brother Armageddon, Doomsayer

Radiation priest, with healing and damage-causing spells. Capable of unleashing the "power of the Glow" on the "unbelievers" in the form of Atomic Blasts and "Nuke", though limited in the amount of Strain he can withstand before he has to rest and "recharge" again. Also has some other interesting abilities, such as "Power-Up", which allows him to power electrical devices for a limited amount of time.

Ashley Gordon, Junker

Mechanic with a rocket pack (and grenades!). Able to design and build wondrous contraptions that push the boundaries of what should be possible with the laws of physics as we understand them. Although the designing and building of new gadgets is beyond the scope of this adventure, she comes equipped with a rocket pack, and could be useful whenever a technician is required.

Officer Solomon, Law Dog

Gunslinging vigilante with "people skills". Formerly a "Black Hat" -- one of the reviled footsoldiers of the evil Combine -- but he's turned over a new leaf, traveling the Wasted West in hopes of bringing a little law and order to the survivor settlements. Basic fighter type, crack shot with a pistol. Commanding presence, with decent people skills.

Antagon the Destroyer, Pit Fighter

Melee specialist, very simple character. Big, muscle-bound ... and none too bright, this is a warrior raised to entertain spectators by bashing in the skulls of monsters and fellow pit fighters. Not very good at "people skills", but good at hacking things with his battle axe.

Captain Kincaid, Soldier

Heavy fire support. Old soldier, veteran of the Confederate Army from the Last War, now a mercenary relying on his grenade launcher and assault rifle to clear out enemies. Fairly well armored and suited for combat.

Corporal Jones, Syker

Covert specialist with psionic powers. Genetically engineered user of psychic powers, able to fire bursts of mental energy, to make himself "invisible" or to take on the appearance of other people, and even to heal his own body with the power of mind over matter. Specialist in covert operations: stealth, climbing, picking locks, etc., weak in armor and combat.

Tears-That-Burn, Toxic Shaman

Spellcaster with damage-causing, healing and utility spells. A descendant of the shamans of old who communed with nature spirits, but many nature spirits have been corrupted by the devastation of the Earth. The Toxic Shaman communes with warped spirits, trying to use the powers they give him for the serving of good, but his "allies" are insane and often cruel. Capable of healing wounds, lobbing blasts of radiation, and of taking on an "energy form" and passing through solid objects.

Raven, Witch

Potion-maker with "people skills". Able to make special "witch brews" to heal wounds, etc., given the proper components and enough time to work with. Most of that is beyond the scope of this adventure, but she has some combat ability in the form of being able to throw charged-up marbles as "Eldritch Fire" as an attack, and she has a shotgun. Otherwise, she has the ability to heal wounds, speak to animals, and create a temporary personal "shield" against attacks. Moderate in combat ability, strong in people skills.

Fenris, Wolfling

Melee combat specialist with stealth abilities. A wolf-like monster, once a prisoner of the S-Mart Overlord, and forced to fight in his arena. Very incompetent when it comes to using items of technology, and has trouble fitting in with people, but capable at tracking and stealth, and also pretty good at unarmed combat with natural weapons of tooth and claw.

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