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Turning the Adventure On Its Head
This adventure is a one-shot scenario for Advanced HeroQuest for Necronomicon 2001, on Sunday, October 28th, from noon to 4 pm.

Chaos Sorcerer In this fast-paced fantasy role-playing game, up to nine players take on the roles of back-stabbing Dark Elves, bloodthirsty Chaos Warriors, savage Beastmen, scampering Skaven, and other brutish servants of Chaos, defending a dungeon from pesky Heroes in the Old World of the Warhammer Universe. The rules system used for this scenario is a modified version of Advanced HeroQuest -- a role-playing/board game put out by Games Workshop in 1989, presently out of print, and a predecessor to Warhammer Quest. Colorful miniatures, player handouts and three-dimensional scenery are used to bring the setting to life, with a modular dungeon that is revealed as the Monsters explore it.

No previous experience is necessary to play, as this is a very simple system that lends itself easily to incorporating new players. A wide selection of pre-generated Monsters are provided to choose from -- though it's a matter of "first come, first serve". Please be sure to make use of the sign-up sheet in the Gaming Office. If you wish to use your own dice, this game only uses 12-sided dice, and a handful of them is recommended.

In the Service of Chaos
Dark Elf Sorceress Long ago, the Empire of the Dwarves stretched out underneath the lands of the Old World, connected by carefully constructed passageways and stone warrens, where the bearded craftsmen forged mighty weapons of antiquity, intricately-wrought jewelry, and many other wonders of long-lost worksmanship.

No more.

Earthquakes have torn the land, Skaven have poured out from the swamps of Skavenblight, the restless dead have risen to prey upon the living, and the forces of Chaos and the Orcish Hordes have driven the Dwarves back to only a fraction of their original holdings. New tenants have moved into their old domains.

Beastman Champion The players take on the roles of some of these new tenants -- Monsters in the service of Lord Maleficos, Chaos Sorcerer Extraordinaire. The Evil Lord plots and schemes the overthrow of the remaining vestiges of Order, and would rather not be bothered by pesky adventurers scouring the "dungeons" for treasure and for monsters to fight. Unfortunately, a recent magical mishap resulted in most of the local dungeon being blasted clear of all life (and unlife), monsters included. So, the Monsters are those remnants of his servants still remaining that could be scrounged together to put up a defense against the inevitable incursion of adventure-seeking Heroes that have already started to venture into the ancient ruins.

The Monsters must do what they can to seek their master's favor by making certain that no Heroes disturb him or make off with any of his really important treasure (which, unfortunately, is fairly scattered about). What further complicates things is that the Monsters are all fairly new recruits and hence haven't fully learned their way around the dungeon, and Maleficos is too deeply buried in his invocation of the Spell of Complete and Utter Doom to be bothered to take time to point out all the secret passages, traps, and useful caches of stuff (such as healing potions).

If the Monsters can succeed in wiping out all of the Heroes, and keeping Maleficos from being disturbed, he has promised to make one of them his new Lieutenant, who will then be in charge of the next army of Chaotic minions that Maleficos finds the time to conjure up. The competition is sure to be fierce for this honor, and the Monsters should be wary -- There's no telling whether any of their number might be tempted to take advantage of an "accident" to insure his own selection as the next Lieutenant.

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