Castle of Dread
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Castle of Dread


This adventure is a one-shot scenario for Advanced HeroQuest for Necronomicon 2001, scheduled to run on Friday, October 26th, at 4 pm.

Ghost In this fast-paced fantasy role-playing game, up to nine players take on the roles of valiant warriors and wizards seeking to lift a curse from a blighted kingdom in the Old World of the Warhammer Universe. The rules system used for this scenario is a modified version of Advanced HeroQuest -- a role-playing/board game put out by Games Workshop in 1989, presently out of print, and a predecessor to Warhammer Quest. Colorful miniatures, player handouts and three-dimensional scenery are used to bring the setting to life (or unlife, as the case may be).

No previous experience is necessary to play, as this is a very simple system that lends itself easily to incorporating new players. A wide selection of pre-generated Heroes are provided to choose from -- though it's a matter of "first come, first serve". Please be sure to make use of the sign-up sheet in the Gaming Office. If you wish to use your own dice, this game only uses 12-sided dice, and a handful of them is recommended.

Amethyst Wizard History
The Barony of Helburne is of little significance to the world at large, not even so large as to be marked on any of the maps of the Old World. Nonetheless, for many generations it has enjoyed modest prosperity in a fertile valley far removed from the marches of Chaos or the Greenskinned Horde. It has not, however, been devoid of its intrigues, and several years ago there was a disagreement over ascension to the throne. Twin sons were born to Baron Wilfred Helburne, one of them breathing his first breath of air only moments before his brother -- and there was a matter of dispute amongst the midwives as to which boy was actually the firstborn and hence the rightful heir.

It was generally accepted that one of the boys, Wolfgang, was to be the heir, and that Vincent was the second ... but Baron Helburne never officially settled the matter, leaving it open to dispute, and upon his death, the dispute turned bloody. It did not help matters that Wolfgang, the heir apparent, was a devotee of the old religion of Ulric, whereas Vincent publicly proclaimed his allegiance to the more dominant and modern following of Sigmar. Some courtiers and warriors otherwise loyal to Baron Helburne and his apparent preference in Wolfgang nonetheless chose to side with Vincent, reasoning that his adherence to the faith of Sigmar would be far more conducive to the Barony's relationship with other parts of the Empire.

A battle broke out between those loyal to the two claimants to the throne, and Wolfgang emerged victorious from the fray, leaving Vincent to retreat in shame, and many of his supporters surrendering to and pledging fealty to Wolfgang rather than joining their former leader in flight. Vincent brooded from hiding over his loss, and refused to make peace with his brother, lest that be seen as conceding defeat. Such was his obsession with acquiring the throne, that despite his supposed adherence to the Cult of Sigmar, he resorted to dark sorceries (and it is not known how he had access to them), and made a terrible pact with Chaos.

When once again Vincent returned to Castle Helburne with an army, to claim the crown, it was with an army of the undead. Wolfgang's forces were still greatly weakened by the previous bloody clash, even with the numbers of those who came over to his side, and though they fought valiantly, they were no match for the sheer numbers of the undead that fell upon the castle.

Whatever fell sorcery Vincent employed was not powerful enough to sustain the full force of his horde of undead for any great amount of time, but he nonetheless ascended to the throne of Castle Helburne, presiding over a court of the dead. In his madness, he tore down all the banners and emblems of Ulric, showing his "faith" in Sigmar by replacing them with signs of the Gryphon and the Hammer. The castle itself had sustained such horrible damage that it was partially collapsed and in ruin, guarded by skeletal archers and pikemen "resurrected" from its original contingent of warriors.

Vampire The Present
The Barony of Helburne lives in terror, as Vincent's undead "subjects" roam freely, preying upon the living, though unable to wander far from the castle without deteriorating entirely. Many fertile fields under the shadow of the castle have been abandoned, crops allowed to fall into ruin, rather than risking the wrath of the undead. Vincent has been cruelly clever enough to see to it that correspondence with neighboring fiefdoms still continues, conveyed by still-breathing messengers threatened into submission -- and the common peasantry hasn't the means to go abroad and try to raise up some force to come to their aid.

Still, rumors have managed to leak out as to terrible incidents in Helburne, and the Heroes have answered the call. Upon entering the Barony, they have learned of the terrible state of affairs that has befallen the land, and the desperate need to vanquish whatever evil causes the dead to walk and to prey upon the living. The peasants have little to offer the Heroes by way of payment -- though to be sure, there must be plenty of riches to be found in the castle, and with Wolfgang dead and Vincent blood-mad, surely no one could fault the Heroes for taking some gold for themselves!

It is quite certain that the Heroes will have to face the walking dead and restless spirits, and perhaps other foul beasts compelled into the service of Vincent -- and that Vincent Helburne himself is likely to have some sort of terrible sorcery at his command, presenting a formidable threat for the Heroes himself.

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