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Headless Horseman Headless Horseman
(7 Nov 2009) A fan illustration of the World of Warcraft version of the "Headless Horseman," drawn by request for Marcos Bolton.
Night Elf Huntress with Wolf Night Elf Huntress with Wolf
(30 Jan 2008) A night elf huntress with her pet wolf, in a snowy land.
I Get By With a Little Whelp For My Friend I Get By With a Little Whelp For My Friend
(30 Jan 2008) A gnome scribe delves through countless tomes, with a helpful little blue whelp who's taken upon itself to go searching for relevant scrolls.
Truesilver Goblin Steam Armor Truesilver Goblin Steam Armor
(16 Jul 2007) A goblin-fashioned suit of steam armor with truesilver plating.
Shaman Portable Heater (Orc Shaman Casting Flametongue) Shaman Portable Heater
(20 Jun 2007) A shaman making use of a flametongue enchantment on his axe while pressing through a blinding snowstorm.
Newfangled Ways (Gnome Mage Conjuring Bread) Newfangled Ways
(9 Jun 2007) An enthusiastic mage demonstrates the ease of the conjure bread spell, while some gnomish bakers look on dubiously.
Netherwind Mage Netherwind Mage
(7 Jun 2007) Proof positive that many makers of magic garb on Azeroth are colorblind. Or, a human spellcaster in Netherwind raiment.
Plagueheart Armor (Forsaken Warlock) Plagueheart Armor
(4 May 2007) A warlock of the Forsaken venturing through the Plaguelands in (appropriately enough) Plagueheart Armor.
Krisi the Rogue in Defias Leather over Stormwind Krisi the Rogue (in Defias Leather) Over Stormwind
(1 May 2007) Krisi, a rogue of the Alliance, attired in a full set of Defias Leather Armor, fighting some unseen opponent with throwing blades atop the rooftops of the city of Stormwind. In the background, I've chosen to depict both of Azeroth's moons - the White Lady and the Blue Child - though the latter isn't actually visible in the online game. ("Krisi" is one of Chris Stadler's Warcraft characters.)
Night Elf Druid in Cenarion Armor Night Elf Druid in Cenarion Armor
(29 Apr 2007) A Night Elf druid in full Cenarion Raiment, in a misty forest.
Paladin in Judgement Armor with Libram Paladin in Judgement Armor (with Libram)
(27 Apr 2007) The Judgement set is probably my favorite of any of the complete armor sets. (No, I never got high enough in level in the game, or went on any raids in order to actually get any of the pieces. But if I DID, why, I think I'd probably just want to keep that outfit for the sheer coolness of it, never mind if anything else had better stats. ;) )
Goblin Shredder Upgrade Goblin Shredder Upgrade
(2 Apr 2007) A goblin alchemist/tinker directs his minions (an ogre and a gnoll) in the process of refitting a shredder.
Ogre Juggernaut Ogre Juggernaut
(27 Mar 2007) A flotilla of ogre juggernauts chugs along, under the direction of an ogre drummer up on deck. (Design based on the juggernauts from Warcraft II, and the juggernaut that appears in the Deadmines in the online game.)
Murloc Pirate: Yarrrglglglglglglgl! Yarrrglglglglglglgl!
(31 Jan 2007) I actually drew this sketch several weeks ago at one of my Thursday night "art jams", but I lost the sketch until just now. Here, a murloc pirate storms the deck of an ill-fated vessel (with a few buddies lurking behind him).
Gnoll Gourmand Gnoll Gourmand
(20 Jan 2007) A rough sketch from the "art jam" of a character concept I came up with for a D&D campaign a long time ago ... then tried to revive for my wife's Warcraft campaign. In both cases, it didn't go over very well. (Too silly.) Anyway, the idea was for a traveling gnoll who fancied him a "gourmet" (by gnoll standards), though it would be more accurate to just call him a "gourmand" (a glutton). His driving raison d'etre was to travel the world to find exotic creatures ... and cook them. I made up some house rules for "exotic cooking" elsewhere on my web site, that would have given him a little more practical value for an adventuring party. (But then, as a general rule of thumb, it's not play-balance-kosher to invent a new "class" and then volunteer to play it yourself in your wife's campaign. Tsk tsk.)
High Elf Paladin High Elf Paladin
(20 Jan 2007) Another rough character sketch of a Warcraft character I would have liked to play. Anyway, forget blood elf paladins - I wanted a high elf paladin. The high elves in World of Warcraft seem to have a lot of possibility for story development: their backstory is far from pristine, yet they have some socially-redeeming value as allies of humans and dwarves. And then, there could be some questions of loyalty, after the actions of the blood elves. (Are you then still our ally, or just a "plant" for the enemy?) To further add to the angst, I imagined that this character might have been a Scarlet Crusader, who was so desperate to prove the loyalty of his people to the Alliance that he overlooked many of the excesses of his "order". At some point, I imagine he probably would have lost his status as paladin - and then he'd have to embark upon a quest of atonement. (And perhaps if my GM were feeling generous enough, eventually he might achieve that. Until then, he'd just be a warrior with no special feats.)
Ice Revenant Ice Revenant
(20 Jan 2007) Although I never quite explored it to my satisfaction, I found the concept of "Malevore" interesting from my D&D "Inferno" campaign - an evil but principled creature that was honor-bound to serve a hero of markedly different alignment ... but with a lingering menace and the possibility that he might have his own ultimate motives, and might turn against the heroes if they were to take him too lightly. Another character concept (vetoed by Gwendel) that I wanted to try out would have been an Ice Revenant, honor-bound to perform a long-ranging quest, or otherwise assist the heroes as a group. I can see how it would have been problematic on several levels.
Northshire Priest Northshire Priest
(20 Jan 2007) Possibly the most realistic and conventional of my potential character concepts - a Priest of the Holy Light with a level or two of Paladin or Warrior - hence the opportunity to try out that "robes and armor" look. Just to be ornery, I'd make him a member of the Northshire Clergy (who were responsible for coming up with the original orders of paladins, and who had a philosophy far more theistic than the retconned "philosophy of the Light" from the RPG).
Screenshot: Marazhu Blowing Up the Dark Portal Screenshot: Marazhu Blowing Up the Dark Portal
(7 Jan 2007) Finally, I'm free from World of Warcraft! Well, sort of. My account expired, and I have no plan to renew it for the time being. To commemorate this event (sort of), I posed my tauren druid character, Marazhu Raincaller, with the "Thermotastic Egg Timer" (an off-hand item that looks like a lit stick of dynamite) at the Dark Portal, ready to blow the thing to pieces! (I did a bit of Photoshop "enhancement" to make the sparkling dynamite a bit clearer; those sparkles don't show up all that well in a "freeze frame".)
Sidian 'Easy' Glasswater, Naga Warrior Sidian 'Easy' Glasswater, Naga Warrior
(16 Nov 2006) Sidian Glasswater (AKA "Easy"), a naga mercenary with a mutation rare among male nagas: he has four arms. (All the better for holding more weapons!) He's also accompanied by "Sir Hacks-a-Lot", a creation of the maniacal toymaker of Darkshire - one that has proved at least moderately useful as a camp guard.
Lahamu, Tauren Druid, at Thunder Bluff Lahamu, Tauren Druid, at Thunder Bluff
(11 Sep 2006) Lahamu, a tauren druidess, sitting atop the bank at Thunder Bluff, with her pet dark whelpling (which is helping itself to the contents of her pack).
Ihu, Tauren Shaman Ihu, Tauren Shaman
(30 Aug 2006) Ihu, Tauren Shaman, Guildmaster of Aloaki (formerly Shne Wa Porah), in Ten Storms armor, conjuring totems.
Cloudstrider the Hippogryph Cloudstrider the Hippogryph
(10 Aug 2006) Cloudstrider, a hippogryph "owned" by Sidian Glasswater, Naga Mercenary.
Northshire Cleric of the Light Northshire Cleric of the Light
(10 Aug 2006) A Priest of the Light, of the Northshire Clergy.
Dryad Archer Dryad Archer
(2 Aug 2006) A dryad - a "Daughter of Cenarius" - firing an arrow.
Quel'Thalas Unicorn Quel'Thalas Unicorn
(24 Jul 2006) A unicorn from the high elven lands of Quel'Thalas.
Dark Unicorn Dark Unicorn
(21 Jul 2006) A dark unicorn - a once-beautiful creature endowed with arcane powers by the high elves of Quel'Thalas, now corrupted by fel energies.
Lahamu Moonkin Boogie! Lahamu Moonkin Boogie!
(20 Jul 2006) Lahamu (a tauren druidess from Feathermoon server) does the Moonkin Boogie!
Vashanti (Troll Shaman) and Pets Vashanti (Troll Shaman) and Pets
(19 Jul 2006) Vashanti (AKA "Tatahalo"), a troll shamaness, with her two pets from Booty Bay.
Warcraft Barrens Unicorn (Zhevra) Warcraft Barrens Unicorn (Zhevra)
(6 Jul 2006) A zebra-striped unicorn-like creature that wanders the Barrens, known as a "zhevra".
Silky the Nerubian Puppeteer at the Darkmoon Faire Silky the Nerubian Puppeteer at the Darkmoon Faire
(29 Jun 2006) Silky, a Nerubian exile and adventurer, putting on a puppet show at the Darkmoon Faire. ("Silky" is a creation of Toivo Rovainen - a PC in a very strange Warcraft campaign featuring an assortment of different races brought together via Booty Bay and the Darkmoon Faire.)
Frenzy Racing Sketches at Shimmering Flats Frenzy Racing Sketches at Shimmering Flats
(28 Jun 2006) I actually sketched this a few months ago, sometime in February (when the Lunar Festival was going on, I think) - when Marazhu's guild, Shne Wa Porah, was hosting a weekly "Frenzy Racing" event at the Shimmering Flats on Thursday nights. Basically, it involved two (or more) people racing on foot around the track, using whatever powers they had at their disposal, though anything that totally incapacitated the opponent (or killed him - which would accomplish the same thing, really) would disqualify the offender. Monitors would ride along on raptor-back or kodo-back to watch for cheating ... and to fend off "gankers" (people looking for easy kills on members of the opposing faction), since this event could have Horde and Alliance participants, and they had to be PVP-flagged to participate. Pictured are Pyrem (who organized the event and gave instructions), Zulgha (a spectator who had an interesting outfit), and Amonn (the sole Alliance participant that night), as sketched by Marazhu from the stands.
Paenitia as a Draenei Paladin at Northshire Abbey Paenitia as a Draenei Paladin at Northshire Abbey
(23 Jun 2006) Paenitia (a character created by John Boulton) as a Draenei Paladin of the Light at Northshire Abbey.
Tuurog and Nimwena Poster Tuurog and Nimwena Poster
(20 Jun 2006) A poster advertising the services of Tuurog and Nimwena, tailors for the refined orc.
Tuurog - Orc Warlock Tuurog
(20 Jun 2006) Tuurog, an orc spellcaster - and tailor. (Character of an unknown player who is on the Feathermoon server, who often adventures with Gwendel.)
Nimwena - Succubus Nimwena
(20 Jun 2006) Nimwena, Tuurog's "lovely assistant". (Tuurog is an orc spellcaster played by some guy I don't know the real name of, but who's a really great guy anyway, on Feathermoon server.)
Nimwena - Succubus in Wedding Dress Nimwena Modeling a Wedding Dress
(20 Jun 2006) Nimwena, Tuurog's "lovely assistant", modeling a wedding dress that he tailored (Partly inspired by some suggestions by "Tuftears" on LiveJournal.)
Marazhu Raincaller - Tauren Druid Marazhu Raincaller - Tauren Druid
(19 Jun 2006) Marazhu, Son of Wahiemba, of Raincaller Tribe - a Tauren Druid of Shne Wa Porah. (Portrait of my primary character on Feathermoon server - a tauren druid dedicated to the cause of trying to bring the Alliance and Horde together against the greater threats of the Burning Legion, the Scourge, and the Silithid. Needless to say, thanks to the way World of Warcraft is programmed, his ambitions are pretty quixotic.)
Nightbane Worgen Nightbane Worgen
(12 Jun 2006) A worgen of the Nightbane tribe, at the entrance to Roland's Doom - an abandoned mine in Duskwood.
Desolace Centaur Desolace Centaur
(12 Jun 2006) A barbaric horseman from the Legion-infested lands of Desolace.
Fel Companion Imp Fel Companion Imp
(12 Jun 2006) An imp - a twisted little creature formed of chaotic energies from the Twisting Nether.
Wind Serpent Wind Serpent
(08 Jun 2006) A flying reptile with the power to launch bursts of lightning at its foes.
Naga Snap Dragon Naga Snap Dragon
(08 Jun 2006) An aquatic reptilian creature used as a mount and war beast by the naga.
Naga Couatl Naga Couatl
(06 Jun 2006) An aquatic/flying serpentine creature trained by the Naga Sirens - especially suited to hunting down mages, since they have an inherent ability to negate magical auras.
Peasant Wereworgen Pyrewood Peasant Were-Worgen
(05 Jun 2006) A peasant of Pyrewood - a cursed village of Lordaeron - is caught out too late while gathering wood. Under the light of the moon, he suffers a savage transformation.
Sasta ala World of Warcraft Sasta ala World of Warcraft
(28 Apr 2006) Sasta, reinterpreted as a warrioress of Azeroth. [Sasta is the creation of John Boulton.]
SCREENSHOT: Marazhu in Stocks SCREENSHOT: Marazhu in Stocks
(28 Dec 2005) Marazhu (my tauren character) is interrogated by Tuurog the Orc Warlock in Hammerfall. Just a bit of goofing around with the terrain on Feathermoon server to get an "interesting shot". No tauren were harmed in the making of this screenshot. [Tuurog is the creation of Tuurog's mysterious and anonymous player.]
Necronomicon PCs #1 Necronomicon PCs #1
(Oct 2005) A montage of character portraits for a World of Warcraft d20 scenario for Necronomicon 2005 - a Tampa, Florida sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention. An unlikely band of heroes is hired by a goblin company in Booty Bay to retake the Goldstrike Mine, after it has been overrun by kobolds.
Necronomicon PCs #2 Necronomicon PCs #2
(Oct 2005) A montage of character portraits for a World of Warcraft d20 scenario for Necronomicon 2005 - a Tampa, Florida sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention. An unlikely band of heroes is hired by a goblin company in Booty Bay to retake the Goldstrike Mine, after it has been overrun by kobolds.
Mon Signor Simony Mon Signor Simony
(02 Sep 2005) Mon Signor Simony, a rare goblin priest (and tinker) who spreads the Teachings of the Profits. (No, that's not a typographical error.) Here he is pictured with his Portable Halo of Holiness. No, it doesn't do the least bit of good against undead, but nobody's definitively proven it yet.
Gone Fishing Gone Fishing
(01 Jun 2005) Kenaniah (a dwarven priest) and Miramelle (a Kaldorei druid) go fishing on the coast of Westfall. ["Miramelle" is the creation of Wendy Peacock.]

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