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Maps & Tiles
House rules and maps left over from an old World of Warcraft d20 campaign and fan project.

Updated 19 Oct 2010:
Eastern Kingdom maps updated to reflect corrections (Duskwood) and more information on Gilneas.

Updated 1 Aug 2010:
Even More Magic & Mayhem Netbook BETA updated with corrections. Special thanks to Fabrice Egal for finding various formatting issues, typographical errors, and inconsistencies. In particular, shaman totem elements are updated to be more consistent with d20 standards, and tables for steam armor have been corrected. Cleaning up this site, removing some of the obsolete elements, and making some more updates to the beta version are still on my to-do list.

Known issues, not yet addressed, as of 1 Aug 2010: Missing letter index tabs in spells section; several layout gaps where filler illustrations are needed (or placeholders need to be replaced); icons with improperly trimmed corners; page 134 blank (due to yet-to-be-added artwork).


Even More Magic & Mayhem Cover Preview - World of Warcraft RPG Even More Magic & Mayhem is a fan-made netbook contributed to by frequenters and fans of the White Wolf Games World of Warcraft RPG forums. No infringement is intended upon the trademarks, copyrights or other properties of White Wolf Games, Sword & Sorcery Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, or Wizards of the Coast.

It is presented in its incomplete, "beta" format, as a free PDF download for players of the World of Warcraft RPG, using version 3.5 d20 rules.

Please report any errors, editing glitches, etc., you see in the EMM&M Beta to me at, and please include mention of "EMM&M" or "Warcraft" in the subject line so I can have a better chance of picking your message out of all of the daily spam. Generic subjects such as "hello" or "hi there" or "question" are likely to get overlooked.

Special thanks to Jeff Moller and Fabrice Egal for help in proofreading for errors in the EMM&M document.

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The Even More Magic & Mayhem document is a collaborative fan effort (with full credits and legal notices contained with the document itself) that is derivative of properties created by Blizzard Entertainment, Sword & Sorcery Studios, and White Wolf, using a variant of the D20 system (version 3.5) under the Open Gaming License. Please see the document itself for further credits and legalese. If you are a representative of the aforementioned entities, and have concerns regarding this document, please contact me ( and I will do my best to promptly correct the situation and/or remove the document until such concerns can be addressed to your satisfaction. (I've done my best to cover all the bases and include all the proper OGL notices and such, in the meantime.)

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