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The following is a line-up of some of the heroes from a dual short-run campaign I ran set in the "Weird Wars" era - more specifically, during the year of 1936. Due to the size of the group, I split it into two different parties, each running separate adventures, staggering game sessions. As I find time, I intend to make some portraits for these heroes, and add in profiles for the missing members of the Posse.

(no portrait available) Arcadia Player: Stephie
Arcadia is an adventurous rogue who acquires ancient artifacts for her employers, whomever they might be. She was well educated as a youth, versed in Greek and Latin, and with a personal interest in the mysteries of the occult. None of her knowledge prepared her, however, for what would happen when she tried putting on a stolen artifact known as the Mask of Anubis. Now, she shares her body with a spirit she knows only as "Anubis", and she has gained the ability to shape-change into a form that looks very much like an avatar of the old Egyptian god. However, one drawback is that she sometimes has to wrestle with Anubis for control of her own body - and this can happen at very inopportune times. Anubis seems to have his own agenda, and whatever it is, he's not letting Arcadia in on it just yet.
Avatar of Anubis

(no portrait available) Reginald Farthingham III Player: "Otter"
Reginald Farthingham the Third is a hunter who has traveled the globe, bagging big game with the help of his Holland & Holland Royal elephant gun. He's seen it all, and if he's faced with creatures of the supernatural ... well, all the better for a terribly interesting trophy to put on his wall.
Big Game Hunter Miniature

(no portrait available) Roland Girond Player: Martin
Roland Girond is a French acrobat and entertainer ... who secretly works as a spy for the French government, presently assigned to keep an eye on activities of Nazi agents and their strange quest to accumulate artifacts of a mystical nature. Roland is possessed of remarkable agility, resourcefulness and charm, well adaptable to a variety of strange situations.

(no portrait available) Nigel Killborn Player: Chris Thesing
Nigel Killborn is a British inspector whose employers are concerned about Hitler's obsession with artifacts of a mystical nature. Although Nigel himself doesn't believe any of this rubbish about mysticism and supernatural powers, he nonetheless doesn't exactly care for these Nazis, either, and if his employers want him to cause a spot of trouble for the Germans, then so be it. His is not to question why, after all. He's a fair shot with a pistol, and has a keen eye for detail, often noticing things that others would miss or wave off as unimportant.
Inspector Miniature

Peter Linten Peter Linten Player: Garfield
"Peter Linten" (not his true name) is an archaeologist with the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, overseeing various expeditions and digs in and around Egypt. His true allegiance, however, is to Egypt's ancient heritage, as he is a priest of Bast, and he is tired of seeing Egypt's treasures being carted off to join some wealthy foreigner's private hoard, or to sit gathering dust on some shelf in a foreign museum. Joined by his pet cat, Pakhet, he undertakes various adventures to try to secure some of Egypt's history for itself, rather than letting it be plundered by outsiders.
Priest of Bast Miniature

Native Guide Salla Player: Michael Bails
Salla (who gives his full name as "Your Most Humble Servant Salla") is a veteran of the expedition to retrieve the legendary Mask of Anubis from the tomb of Aye. He is loyal to a fault, doing his utmost to serve as a scout and guide in the dangerous tombs and shrines that archaeologists seem intent on exploring, but he also has a personal goal to combat the forces of darkness, whatever form they might take. He has very strong faith, yet he is beholden to no particular deity - He is a very pragmatic sort, carrying a collection of holy symbols of every conceivable form, using the "appropriate" one as he sees fit. He also happens to be fairly proficient with a sword in close combat, and has accumulated considerable knowledge of the occult through his varied expeditions.
Native Guide Miniature

(no image available) Kintaro Suzuki Player: Mach
Kintaro Suzuki was a brave and agile master of the martial arts who accompanied some heroes on an expedition for the Mexican Bureau of Antiquities into the Yucatan Peninsula, in search of the fabled Crystal Skull of Xilirilichtli. Suzuki performed several heroic feats, rescued three would-be sacrificial victims, and single-handedly stood off against an animated giant jaguar statue, buying time for his companions to seek out the evil priest controlling it. Alas, despite his phenomenal skills in melee, the statue managed to get a paw swipe in, taking his head clean off in a single blow, and bringing an end to this hero's short but promising career.
Martial Artist Miniature

Hiram Warcroft Hiram Warcroft Player: John Boulton
Hiram Warcroft is an American antiquarian, though he has a strange heritage with links to the Balkans and to Egypt. He has inherited something of the supernatural aspects of his ancestors, and has considerable personal interest in the occult and the mysteries of the arcane ... and pursues these interests under the guise of collecting interesting trinkets and antiquities for his store. One particular oddity he came across was a copy of Hoyle's Book of Games. He managed to discover the means by which he could read Hoyle's hidden formulae, and in time mastered the dangerous art of magic by becoming a "huckster", covering his magic-use under the guise of habitually playing games of "solitaire" with his Egyptian card deck.
Huckster Miniature

(no image available) Windwalker Player: John Cullin
Windwalker is a "scout" from the Sioux Nations who actually is fairly attuned to the spirit world. Although he hasn't wholly embraced the ways of the Ghost Dance, and is a fairly good shot with a hunting rifle, he has a Bear Guardian Spirit, and knows many rituals of the Medicine Way of Earth, helping him to become a tracker and scout to a supernatural degree ... as well as making him awfully handy if someone gets scraped up.
Shaman Miniature

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