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Deadlands: Session Summaries

The following are session summaries for a Deadlands: Weird Wars campaign run at my house, starting on November of 2000, and ideally running for about six sessions - three sessions per group of adventurers, as I've divided up the players into two groups in order to make it more manageable for myself. I'm using Deadlands rules, but setting the adventures in the year 1936, in various locations around the globe, rather than just in the "Weird West".

The Eye of Ra The Eye of Ra (Group A / 11 Nov 2000) Our heroes explore catacombes under Alexandria, Egypt, fighting Nazis to acquire the Eye of Ra.

The Skull of Xilirilichtli The Skull of Xilirilichtli (Group B / 18 Nov 2000) Our heroes brave a trap-filled Mayan temple in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Book of Thoth The Book of Thoth (Group A / 2 Dec 2000) A theft is thwarted, and a shine to Thoth explored.

The Elephant Graveyard The Elephant Graveyard (Group B / 9 Dec 2000) The heroes explore the Congo and brave traps and black magic to discover a fabled locale.

The Temple of Set The Temple of Set (Group A / Feb 2001) In the grand finale for the Egyptian adventurers, they take on the cult of Set!

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