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A Deadlands: Weird Wars Adventure

by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock

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The Mask of Anubis - Players

Although a number of basic 1930s era character archetypes could fit into this adventure, here are some quick profiles of some standard pre-generated characters used in this scenario:

Nick Montana Adventurer-Archaeologist

  • Male version name: Nick Montana
  • Female version name: Virginia Stone
  • Primary Skills: Whip, pistol, brawling, languages, archaeology, occult, traps; jack-of-all trades, master of none. Simple, "well-rounded" character.
  • Attributes: Fairly even spread.
  • Hindrances: Phobia (Snakes); Big Britches; Obligation: Get artifacts, put them in a museum
  • Personality: Cocky, cynical, wise to the world.
  • Motivation: Must get important artifacts of historical significance before those crazy Nazis tear them apart looking for the "ultimate weapon".
  • Objective: Acquire Mask of Anubis (and any other noteworthy artifacts) to put in a museum.
  • Quote: "This belongs in a MUSEUM!"
  • Usage Note: Make sure somebody gets this character. This is the most well-rounded of the PCs, and has useful skills for the adventure, if nobody else fills those niches.

  • Nick Montana or Virginia Stone (Archaeologist-Adventurer)
  • Corporeal:
    Deft: 2d12; Nimb: 2d10; Quic: 4d10; Stre: 2d6; Vigo: 4d6
    filchin' 2d12; lockpickin' 1d12; shootin': pistol 3d12; climbin' 2d10; dodge 2d10; fightin': whip, brawlin' 3d10; sneak 1d10; quick draw 2d10
  • Mental: Cogn: 3d8+2; Know: 2d8; Mien: 1d6; Smar: 3d6; Spir: 2d6
    search 3d8+2; academia: archaeology, occult 4d8; languages: English, Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, German, Hieroglyphics; tinkerin' 1d6; guts 2d6+2
  • Edges: Veteran; Brave (2); Fleet o' Foot (2); Gift o' Gab (1); Keen (3); Nerves o' Steel (1); Two-Fisted (3)
  • Hindrances: Heroic (-3); Phobia: Snakes (-2); Big Britches (-3); Obligation: Acquire Artifacts for British Museum (-2)
  • Pace: 12
  • Size: 6
  • Wind: 12
  • Gear:
  • Gunbelt/Two Holsters: two .45 Colt Peacemakers (loaded, 6 shots each); 24 bullets; bullwhip
  • Worn: fedora; leather jacket (AV -1 to torso, arms); boots (AV -2 to 50% legs); waterskin (water)
  • Backpack: 6 pouches; electric lantern; lighter; box of 50 matches; 2 flares; mallet; brush; 20 sheets tracing/rubbing paper; charcoal; note pad; 3 pencils; pack of chewing gum; ball of string; pocket knife (damage STR+1d2); 10 iron spikes; rags; roll of electrical tape

  • Movie Star

    Vincent Steele

  • Male version name: Vincent Steele
  • Female version name: Priscilla Lovejoy
  • Primary Skills: Mien-based skills, disguise and bluff.
  • Attributes: High Mien, Smarts and Cognition. Low Vigor and Strength.
  • Edges: Purty, Soothing Voice, Threatening Voice, The Stare, Renown, Gift o' Gab
  • Hindrances: Squeamish, Pacifist (Total), Doubting Thomas
  • Personality: Half the time dignified, half the time indignant.
  • Motivation: Desperate to land a role in a new "epic saga" Hollywood production, thinks that he/she can do it by doing research "on the field", by "living the adventuring life". Passes himself/herself off as an archaeologist with faked credentials. Managed to insinuate self into group only by lots of bribes and false references.
  • Objective: Stick with the group, survive by any means necessary, don't allow self to be left behind
  • Quote: "All the world is a stage."
  • Usage Notes: Due to the nature of this game, this character can still participate as well as anyone else in puzzle solving. It's just that this character has very little in the way of useful skills for much of the adventure. The character's big chance to shine would be in puzzle solving (a player skill, not a character skill, actually), or in some sort of elaborate scheme to fool the Nazis or even Aye by sheer acting. Very handicapped character. Best to give to experienced player wanting a challenge, or someone who intends to just be a "wallflower" anyway.

  • Vincent Steele or Priscilla Lovejoy (Movie Starlet)
  • Corporeal:
    Deft: 2d6; Nimb: 2d8; Quic: 3d8; Stre: 1d6; Vigo: 4d6
    climbin' 1d8; sneak 1d8
  • Mental: Cogn: 2d10; Know: 2d6; Mien: 2d12; Smar: 4d10; Spir: 3d6
    search 1d10; languages: English, French, Arabic, German, Spanish; overawe 5d12+2/4; performin': action 5d12; persuasion 5d12+2/4; tale tellin' 4d12; bluff 5d10; disguise 5d10
  • Edges: Purty (2); Soothing Voice (1); The Stare (1); Renown (1); Threatening Voice (1)
  • Hindrances: Squeamish (-2); Doubting Thomas (-3); Pacifist (-5)
  • Pace: 8
  • Size: 6
  • Wind: 12
  • Gear:
  • Satchel: Pocket mirror; tin of liquor; cigarettes; box of 50 matches; magnifying glass; note pad and pencil
  • Worn/Carried: Expensive, fashionable clothes; costume glasses (doesn't really need them - just wears on occasion to look more bookish); pith helmet (AV 1 to 50% head); boots (AV -2 to 50% legs); canteen of water

  • Sindbad Master Thief

  • Male version name: Sindbad
  • Female version name: Jezebel
  • Primary Skills: Thiefly skills (lockpicking, traps, pickpocketing, stealth, climbing, etc.), faint knowledge of occult, some fighting skill. Fairly basic thief-type.
  • Attributes: High Nimbleness, Smarts. Low Strength, Spirit.
  • Hindrances: Greedy, Impulsive, Mean as a Rattler
  • Personality: Shifty, cautious, conniving.
  • Motivation: Contacted as an expert at getting past traps. In it for the money.
  • Objective: Swipe anything that isn't nailed down, without letting others know. Get rich.
  • Quote: "Wait here until I signal you. I will check the next chamber for traps before you go inside. Trust me."
  • Usage Notes: This character has great potential to be very useful to party ... and also to be a real trouble-maker. Exists primarily just to satisfy those who tend to play "thief types" in games.

  • Sindbad or Jezebel (Master Thief)
  • Corporeal:
    Deft: 4d10; Nimb: 2d12; Quic: 2d8; Stre: 4d6; Vigo: 2d6
    filchin' 5d10; lockpickin' 5d10; sleight o' hand 5d10; throwin': balanced 4d10; climbin' 5d12; dodge 5d12; fightin': brawlin', sword 4d12; sneak 5d12+2
  • Mental: Cogn: 2d10; Know: 3d6; Mien: 1d6; Smar: 3d8; Spir: 2d6
    search 5d10; languages: English, Arabian; tinkerin' 3d8; guts 1d6

  • Edges: Veteran; Fleet-Footed (2); Light Sleeper (1); Two-Fisted (3)
  • Hindrances: Mean as a Rattler (-2); Outlaw (-2); Wanted (-1); Impulsive (-3); Greedy (-2); Cursed: -2 to resist mind control (0 - Veteran)
  • Pace: 14
  • Size: 6
  • Wind: 12
  • Gear:
  • Scabbard: Sword (Def +2, Speed 1, Damage STR+2d8)
  • Bandolier: 3 Daggers (Def +1, Speed 1, Damage STR+1d4, ROF 1, Range 5)
  • Backpack: 50' rope and grapple; picks; mallet; chisel; 10 iron spikes; pry bar; spare battery for flashlight; bundle of rags; box of 50 matches
  • Carried/Worn: dark, rustle-free clothing (+2 to sneak); flashlight; 8 misc. pouches; flask of water; flask of oil; 2 smoke bombs

  • Native Guide


  • Male version name: Ahmed
  • Female version name: Rahab
  • Skills: Local knowledge, desert survival, languages (including spoken ancient Egyptian), some knowledge of occult, melee fighting skill, Faith (Islam) and "Protection" miracle.
  • Attributes: High Spirit
  • Hindrances: Oath: Destroy supernatural evils; Loyal; Heroic
  • Personality: Facade of being subservient laborer, but confident, assertive in the face of supernatural evil.
  • Motivation: Hired as guide. Secretly member of an ancient brotherhood carrying on the tradition of the general that defeated the undead Aye.
  • Objective: Destroy the Mask of Anubis, and make certain that any other artifacts encountered do not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Quote: "Beware the curse of the Pharaohs! And beware that spear trap up ahead."
  • Usage Notes: This character is very useful to the group as a whole, especially if they awaken Aye, for he can actually speak ancient Egyptian. He is most interested if included along with the Archaeologist and/or the Curator, since he has objectives that conflict with theirs.

  • Ahmed or Rahab (Native Guide)
  • Corporeal:
    Deft: 1d6; Nimb: 3d8; Quic: 4d6; Stre: 3d6; Vigo: 2d6
    climbin' 1d8; dodge 2d8; fightin': brawlin', sword 5d8; sneak 1d8
  • Mental: Cogn: 4d10; Know: 2d10; Mien: 2d8; Smar: 2d6; Spir: 2d12
    search 3d10; academia: occult 4d10; area knowledge: Valley of the Kings 2d10; languages: English, Arabian, Ancient Egyptian (spoken); overawe 2d8; survival: desert 2d6; faith 5d12; guts 5d12+2
  • Edges: Gift o' Gab (1); Brave (2); Nerves o' Steel (1)
  • Hindrances: Loyal (3); Oath: Fight Supernatural Evil (4); Heroic (3)
  • Pace: 8
  • Size: 6
  • Wind: 12
  • Gear:
  • Scabbard: sword (Def +2, Speed 1, Damage STR+2d8)
  • Sheath: knife (Def +1, Speed 1, Damage STR+1d4, ROF 1, Range 5)
  • Backpack: 10 iron spikes; mallet; rags; chisel; 10 torches; 3 pouches
  • Worn/Carried: cloak; 50' rope; lantern; flask of oil; 3 flasks of water; 10 holy symbols; lighter (in pocket); 10 foot pole
  • Arcane Abilities:
  • Protection

  • Professor Arthur Hiram Hedgefield Museum Curator

  • Male version name: Professor Arthur Hiram Hedgefield
  • Female version name: Doctor Vanessa Hartley
  • Primary Skills: Archaeology, history, occult knowledge, archaic languages, mostly "knowledge skills".
  • Edges: Keen; Gift o' Gab
  • Attributes: High Cognition, Knowledge. Low Strength, Vigor, Deftness.
  • Hindrances: Curious; Obligation: Preserve History for Future Generations; Cautious
  • Personality: Insatiably curious. Always finding something "fascinating". Aghast at any actions the heroes take that damages or destroys historical artifacts
  • Motivation: Serving interests of British museum funding this expedition.
  • Objective: Pursue curiosity. Find out the story behind the Tomb of Aye, and anything there is to know about the Mask of Anubis. Preserve as much as possible, disturb as little as possible.
  • Quote: "Fascinating! Positively astounding!"
  • Usage Notes: This character is highly recommended to be with the party, but it is best played by someone who chooses it without pressure. The character is not a fighter type in the least. The character works primarily as a means through which the Marshal can divulge background information (not necessarily essential to the plot) and clues (essential to the plot) to the group as a whole. If the Curator is not present, the Adventurer-Archaeologist will have to fill this role. This character presents large possibilities for interesting character interaction with the other characters - aghast at the others' lack of "proper respect" for historical artifacts, if they take desperate measures to fight the mummies, and likely going into conniptions whenever traps go off and break valuables.

  • Arthur Hiram Hedgefield or Vanessa Hartley (Museum Curator)
  • Corporeal:
    Deft: 2d6; Nimb: 3d6; Quic: 3d8; Stre: 2d6; Vigo: 4d6
    climbin' 1d6; dodge 2d6; sneak 1d6
  • Mental: Cogn: 4d10+2; Know: 2d12; Mien: 1d6; Smar: 2d10; Spir: 2d8
    search 5d10+2; academia: archaeology, occult 5d12; languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Sioux, Apache, Gaelic, Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese; tinkerin' 2d10; guts 2d8
  • Edges: Keen (3); Gift o' Gab (1); Fleet o' Foot (4)
  • Hindrances: Curious (-3); Obligation: Must Preserve Historical Finds (-4); Cautious (-3)
  • Pace: 10
  • Size: 6
  • Wind: 14
  • Gear:
  • Satchel: Writing case (paper, pencils, charcoal, tracing paper, pen); 3 jars; cloth bandages/rags; brush; chisel; mallet; magnifying glass; tweezers; jeweler's scope; extra battery for lantern
  • Worn/Carried: Camera (10 flash bulbs and exposures) and stand; canteen of water; suit; reading glasses and case; lantern

  • Corporal Pierre DuBois Veteran

  • Male version name: Captain Pierre DuBois
  • Primary Skills: Combat, survival skills. (Some vehicle skills, though this is not likely to come into play.)
  • Edges: Tough as Nails, Nerves o' Steel, The Voice: Threatening
  • Hindrances: Doubting Thomas, Death Wish, Ugly as Sin (nasty scars)
  • Personality: Gruff, rough around the edges. Still fighting the Great War in his own head.
  • Motivation: Hired on to help, doing this primarily in order to fight the Germans, not out of concern for historical discovery.
  • Objective: Die in a blaze of glory, or defeat every foe in sight. (A suicidal charge into the Nazi camp doesn't count, unless he can take someone IMPORTANT with him when he goes down.)
  • Quote: "I'm not going down without a FIGHT!"
  • Usage Notes: Exists for the purpose of the fellow in the group who absolutely has to be the best combatant type. In playtesting, usually gets assigned to guard for Nazis, and thus gets stuck out of the action ... until the Nazis arrive, at which point the Marshal has to keep "switching scenes". Some Marshals may be fine with this: your mileage may vary.

  • Corporal Pierre DuBois (Veteran)
  • Corporeal:
    Deft: 2d12; Nimb: 2d10; Quic: 4d10; Stre: 3d6; Vigo: 2d8
    shootin': pistol, rifle 5d12; throwin': balanced 2d12; climbin' 1d10; dodge 2d10; drivin' 1d10; fightin': brawlin' 3d10; sneak 1d10
  • Mental: Cogn: 3d8; Know: 2d6; Mien: 1d6; Smar: 2d6; Spir: 4d6
    search 1d8; languages: English, French; overawe 2d6+2/4; survival: desert 2d6; guts 2d6+2
  • Edges: Veteran; The Stare (1); Threatening Voice (1); Thick-Skinned (3); Tough as Nails (5); Nerves o' Steel (1); Brave (1)
  • Hindrances: Grim Servant o' Death (-5); Death Wish (-5); Trouble Magnet: when enemies have choice of targets, will attack this character first (0 - Veteran)
  • Pace: 10
  • Size: 6
  • Wind: 24
  • Gear:
  • Backpack: extra ammunition drum: 50 shots; folding hand shovel; cigarettes; box of 50 matches; chalk; bottle of rum; small sack
  • Scabbard: large knife (Def +1, Speed 1, Damage STR+1d6, ROF 1, Range 5)
  • Worn/Carried: legionnaire's uniform (minus patches); heavy boots (AV -4 to feet); canteen of water; Thompson SMG (drum: 50 shots)

  • Huckster

    Blake Nightshade

  • Male version name: Blake Nightshade
  • Female version name: Sabrina Royal
  • Skills: Occult knowledge, gambling, sleight of hand, huckster powers.
  • Hindrances: Curious, Greedy (for power), Big Britches
  • Personality: Suave, confident, flatterer. Something of a con man, using flattery and niceties to gain the trust of others. Then ... surprise!
  • Motivation: Hired on as a specialist in the occult, due to the alleged mystical powers of the Mask of Anubis.
  • Objective: Gain mystical power, presumably by acquiring the Mask of Anubis, or whatever other artifact(s) of power might reside in the tomb.
  • Quote: "Oh, this sceptre? A mere bauble, actually. Oh, but there are some interesting inscriptions on the side. Mind if I take a look at that for a moment?"
  • Usage Notes: Should only be used if there is an experienced Deadlands player in the group, and may work best as a "plant", or if you intend to downplay interference presented by the Nazis. Can alternatively help out a group that's down on its luck by providing useful supernatural powers. However, more likely to act as a foil for the group, introducing conflict within the Posse.

  • Blake Nightshade or Sabrina Royal (Huckster)
  • Corporeal:
    Deft: 2d8; Nimb: 2d6; Quic: 3d6; Stre: 2d6; Vigo: 1d6
    filchin' 2d8; shootin': pistol 2d8; sleight o' hand 3d8; climbin' 1d6; sneak 1d6
  • Mental: Cogn: 2d8; Know: 2d10; Mien: 2d6; Smar: 3d12; Spir: 1d8
    scrutinize 2d8; search 3d8; academia: occult 4d10; performin': stage magic 2d6; bluff 3d12; gamblin' 4d12+2; ridicule 2d12; guts 2d8; hexslingin' 5d*
  • Edges: Arcane Background: Huckster (3)
  • Hindrances: Greedy (-2); Curious (-3); Bad Luck (-5)
  • Pace: 6
  • Size: 6
  • Wind: 14
  • Gear:
  • Boot Holsters: .44 Derringer (2 shots); knife (Def +1, Speed 1, Damage STR+1d4, ROF 1, Range 5)
  • Worn/Carried: ammunition box (.44): 50 shells; deck of cards; copy of Hoyle's; plain clothes with hidden pockets; hat
  • Arcane Abilities:
  • Helpin' Hand (p. 157), Hunch (p. 157), Missed Me! (p. 158), Phantom Fingers (p. 158), Trinkets (p. 161)

  • Brahm Strong Man

  • Male version name: Brahm
  • Primary Skills: Brawling, overawe, climbing.
  • Attributes: Ridiculously high Strength; low Cognition, Smarts.
  • Edges: Brawny; The Stare.
  • Hindrances: Clueless; Loyal
  • Personality: Strong and silent type. Eager to please. Tends to talk about himself in the second person.
  • Motivation: Friend of one of the other expedition members.
  • Objective: Protect friend from harm. Prove usefulness to others.
  • Quote: "Brahm will lift that for you. Brahm strong!"
  • Usage Notes: Simple, potential "wallflower" character for those intimidated by role-play, but with ability to get involved in action. Somewhat difficult to be able to "win" scenario, though, mostly just to occupy someone who is "just along for the ride".

  • Brahm (Strong Man)
  • Corporeal:
    Deft: 4d6; Nimb: 2d10; Quic: 3d8; Stre: 4d12+2; Vigo: 4d12
    climbin' 1d10; fightin': brawlin' 3d10; sneak 1d10
  • Mental: Cogn: 3d4-2; Know: 1d4; Mien: 3d6; Smar: 2d4; Spir: 2d8
    search 1d4-2; languages: English; overawe 3d6+2/4; guts 2d8+2
  • Edges: Brave (2); Brawny (3); Thick-Skinned (3); Two-Fisted (3); Tough as Nails (5); The Stare (1); Threatening Voice (1)
  • Hindrances: Illiterate (-3); Clueless (-3); Loyal (-3)
  • Pace: 10
  • Size: 8
  • Wind: 30
  • Gear:
  • Worn/Carried: Large Hammer (Def +1, Speed 1, Damage STR+1d6, ROF 1, Range 5); canteen of water; 50' rope; heavy overalls (AV -2 to torso, legs); heavy gloves (AV -4 to hands); heavy boots (AV -4 to feet)

  • Masked Vigilante

    The Stranger

  • Male version name: The Stranger
  • Female version name: The Widow
  • Skills: Searching, gunfighting, some stealth.
  • Edges: Keen, The Voice (Threatening).
  • Hindrances: Oath: Must fight forces of evil, uphold justice, Law o' the West.
  • Personality: mysterious, melodramatic
  • Motivation: Learned of mission, invited self along to fight evil-doers.
  • Objective: Personally defeat a major bad guy.
  • Quote: "Halt, evil-doer!"
  • Usage Notes: Cliche, tongue-in-cheek hero type. Has potential to serve as an alternative to the Master Thief in role of dealing with traps and thief-type skills, but with opposite motivations, and able to participate in combat situations. Not a "Veteran", so not as competent, skill-wise, as Archaeologist, Master Thief or Veteran, but high potential for winning points for role-play. Somewhat versatile "jack-of-all-trades" character, but may not fit the "theme" quite as well as others. Possible interaction as a "straight man" to others, if played properly.

  • The Stranger or The Widow (Masked Vigilante)
  • Corporeal:
    Deft: 3d8; Nimb: 2d6; Quic: 4d6; Stre: 2d6; Vigo: 3d6
    lockpickin' 2d8; shootin': pistol 4d8; climbin' 1d6; dodge 3d6; fightin': brawlin' 3d6; sneak 2d6
  • Mental: Cogn: 4d10; Know: 2d10; Mien: 2d8; Smar: 2d10; Spir: 1d6
    scrutinize 2d10; search 4d10; trackin' 3d10; medicine: forensics 2d10; overawe 4d8+2; tinkerin' 3d10; guts 2d6+2
  • Edges: Nerves o' Steel (1); Brave (2); Threatening Voice (1); Fleet o' Foot (4)
  • Hindrances: Oath: Must Fight Evildoers and Crime (-3); Obligation: Maintain Secret Identity (-1); Heroic (-3); Law o' the West (-3)
  • Pace: 10
  • Size: 6
  • Wind: 12
  • Gear:
  • Utility Belt: several small compartments/pouches; smoke bomb; flare; 10 matches; jeweler's scope; handcuffs; lock picks; 50' cord and grappling hook; roll of fishing line; roll of tape; dusting powder; bandages; snake venom antidote; spare clip for gun (10 shots, .44)
  • Holster: pistol (.44 caliber; Shots 10; ROF 1; Range 10; Damage 2d6)
  • Worn/Carried: flash-resistant and identity-obscuring goggles; dark, specially tailored clothing (+2 to sneak); heavy boots (AV -4 to feet); heavy gloves (AV -4 to hands)
  • Hieroglyphic Mural

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    The Players
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    Playtest Notes
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