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One of my favorite games is Warzone, a miniatures battle game set in the universe of the Mutant Chronicles: a retro-tech science-fantasy setting where heroes with power-swords and machine guns face off against hordes of undead legionnaires and alien horrors.

When Warzone came out in its 2nd edition, major revisions were made to the setting, and many of the miniatures from the 1st edition were no longer covered in the rules. Rather than retiring models already in my collection, I attempted to come up with house rules for them for battles at my house. You're welcome to try them out, too, though I make no guarantees as to the fairness of them. (I tried my best!)

Bauhaus Logo Bauhaus Largest of the human corporations, Bauhaus originated as a European conglomerate back on Earth. Bauhaus prides itself in reliability and excellence, and has well-trained troops and the best in armored support.

Brotherhood Logo Brotherhood This organization is not a corporation, per se, but rather a religious body under the leadership of the Cardinal, devoted to vanquishing the Darkness with the holy power of the Art.

Capitol Logo Capitol Formed from a merger of North American companies (primarily from the formerly United States), Capitol champions the ideals of capitalism and democracy. In warfare, its strength is in air superiority.

Cartel Logo Cartel The Cartel is an inter-corporate "non-political" body formed with the intent of unifying human opposition to the Dark Legion with such special forces as the Doomtroopers.

Cybertronic Logo Cybertronic Cybertronic is mysterious and sinister, dabbling in long-forbidden technologies. It does not have roots in pre-Exodus Earth, but its socialist structure and Orwellian society are suggestive of the old Soviet Union.

Dark Eden Logo Dark Eden Tribes Earth was abandoned by the corporations long ago, then devastated in a war when the people left behind tried to rebel. Their descendents live in scattered tribes, and their world is now known as "Dark Eden".

Dark Legion Logo Dark Legion Aliens came from another reality, having conquered countless worlds. Now they seek to subjugate and corrupt humanity, aided by the power of the Dark Symmetry and Necrotechnology.

Imperial Logo Imperial Imperial's clans can trace their roots back to the islands of the United Kingdom on pre-Exodus Earth, and are proud of their heritage. They are highly ambitious, but also highly aggressive.

Mishima Logo Mishima This corporation has roots back in a conglomerate of Asian businesses, primarily those from old Japan. Their samurai warriors cling to the code of Bushido, and are masters at close combat on the battlefield.

Mortificator Miniature Miniatures Gallery Pictures of miniatures from Warzone and other games as well.

Duke Saglielli Warzone Fan Art Miscellaneous Warzone-inspired fan art.

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Warzone, Mutant Chronicles, and all characters and entities and representations thereof from the Mutant Chronicles and Warzone games are copyright Target Games SE. The rules presented here are entirely unofficial, and not legal for tournament play.