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  Plunder Gallery

Pictures of relics and cargo items for the purpose of illustrating your own custom Plunder Cards. You are welcome to use these items to create player handouts for personal use. (That is, my posting of these images does not give you license to post them to your own or other sites, let alone claiming them as your own creations. I've had that happen several times. It's annoying. Please don't do it.) Originally, I started drawing some of these for a high-seas themed Ironclaw campaign, before we switched over to Savage Worlds, hence a few items peculiar to that setting. (Last updated: 27 Jul 2009.)


Armor, Clothing and Shields

Armor - Gorget
Armor: Gorget
Armor - Helmet, Conquistador
Armor: Helmet, Conquistador
Clothing - Coat, Captain's
Clothing: Coat, Captain's
Clothing: Dress, Ballroom
Clothing: Dress, Ballroom
Shield: Lionslayer
Shield: Lionslayer


Book - Illuminated
Book: Illuminated
Book - Leather
Book: Leather
Book - Nemo's Charts
Book: Nemo's Charts (PotMI)
Book - Nemo's Plans
Book: Nemo's Plans (PotMI)
Book - Plain
Book: Plain


Cargo - Bags
Cargo: Bags
Cargo - Barrels
Cargo: Barrels
Cargo - Cannons
Cargo: Cannons
Cargo - Ceramic
Cargo: Ceramic
Cargo - Cocoa
Cargo: Cocoa
Cargo - Coffee
Cargo: Coffee
Cargo - Cotton
Cargo: Cotton
Cargo - Crates
Cargo: Crates
Cargo - Gunpowder
Cargo: Gunpowder
Cargo - Guns
Cargo: Guns
Cargo - Household Goods
Cargo: Household Goods
Cargo - Ivory
Cargo: Ivory
Cargo - Lumber
Cargo: Lumber
Cargo - Lumber, Salvaged
Cargo: Lumber, Salvaged
Cargo - Pelt, Beaver
Cargo: Pelt, Beaver
Cargo - Perfume
Cargo: Perfume
Cargo - Relics
Cargo: Relics
Cargo - Rice
Cargo: Rice
Cargo - Rum
Cargo: Rum
Cargo - Silk
Cargo: Silk
Cargo - Spices
Cargo: Spices
Cargo - Sugar Cane
Cargo: Sugar Cane
Cargo - Tobacco
Cargo: Tobacco
Cargo - Trade Beads
Cargo: Trade Beads
Cargo - Wine
Cargo: Wine


Chest: Buried
Chest: Buried
Chest: Coins
Chest: Coins
Chest: Rocks
Chest: Rocks
Chest: Sunken
Chest: Sunken


Coins: Gold Doubloons
Coins: Gold Doubloons
Coins: Silver Reales
Coins: Silver Reales


Figurehead - Angel
Figurehead: Angel
Figurehead - Mermaid
Figurehead: Mermaid
Figurehead - Neptune
Figurehead: Neptune
Figurehead - Undine (Ironclaw)
Figurehead: Undine (Ironclaw)


Food - Fruit, Honey Dew Melon
Food: Fruit, Honeydew Melon
Food - Fruit, Lime
Food: Fruit, Lime
Food - Fruit, Oranges
Food: Fruit, Oranges
Food - Fruit, Starfruit
Food: Fruit, Starfruit
Food - Nut, Walnuts
Food: Nut, Walnuts

Guns & Munitions

Guns - Dueling Pistols
Gun: Dueling Pistols
Gun - Blunderbuss
Gun: Blunderbuss
Gun - Flintlock Dagger
Gun: Flintlock Dagger
Gun - Flintlock Revolver (3-Shot)
Gun: Flintlock Revolver (3-Shot)
Gun - Wheellock Pistol
Gun: Wheellock Pistol
Munitions - Fireworks
Munitions: Fireworks


Livestock - Cattle
Livestock: Cattle
Livestock - Chickens
Livestock: Chickens
Livestock - Dray (Ironclaw)
Livestock: Dray (Ironclaw)
Livestock - Monkeys
Livestock: Monkeys


Remains - Beaver Pelt
Remains: Beaver Pelt
Remains - Crow Bones
Remains: Crow Bones
Remains - Shark
Remains: Shark


Staff - Anubis
Staff: Anubis
Staff - Eagle
Staff: Eagle


Sword - Cat Pommel
Sword: Cat Pommel
Sword - Chinese, Scholar's Sword
Sword: Chinese, Scholar's Sword
Sword - Claymore, Bronze Guard
Sword: Claymore, Bronze Guard
Sword - Crusader
Sword: Crusader
Sword - Cutlass, Naval
Sword: Cutlass, Naval
Sword - Foil
Sword: Foil
Sword - Golden Guard
Sword: Golden Guard
Sword - Scimitar, Bronze Guard
Sword: Scimitar, Bronze Guard
Sword - Scimitar, Wooden Handle
Sword: Scimitar, Wooden Handle
Sword - Silver Guard
Sword: Silver Guard
Sword - Sungbo (Ethiopian)
Sword: Sungbo (Ethiopian)
Sword - Zweihander, Bronze Guard
Sword: Zweihander, Bronze Guard


Tool - Astrolabe
Tool: Astrolabe
Tool - Powder Horn
Tool: Powder Horn
Tool - Shipwright's Set
Tool: Shipwright's Set
Tool - Spyglass
Tool: Spyglass


Treasure - Bedouin Necklace
Treasure: Bedouin Necklace
Treasure - Coat of Arms, Washington
Treasure: Coat of Arms, Washington
Treasure - Chalice
Treasure: Chalice
Treasure - Cross of Coronado
Treasure: Cross of Coronado
Treasure - Crucifix, Wooden
Treasure: Crucifix, Wooden
Treasure - Egyptian Figurine
Treasure: Egyptian Figurine
Treasure - Eye of Insanity
Treasure: Eye of Insanity
Treasure - Falcon Statue, Golden
Treasure: Falcon Statue, Golden
Treasure - Falcon Statue, Stone
Treasure: Falcon Statue, Stone
Treasure - Holy Symbol, Gold
Treasure: Holy Symbol, Gold
Treasure - Holy Symbol, Silver
Treasure: Holy Symbol, Silver
Treasure - Holy Water
Treasure: Holy Water
Treasure - Jade Statue, Fox Spirit (Kitsune)
Treasure: Jade Statue, Fox Spirit (Kitsune)
Treasure - Jade Statue, Lady Courtier
Treasure: Jade Statue, Lady Courtier
Treasure - Pandora's Box
Treasure: Pandora's Box
Treasure - Portrait, Victorian
Treasure: Portrait, Victorian (PotMI)
Treasure - Maltese Cross
Treasure: Maltese Cross
Treasure - Medallion of St. Brendan the Navigator
Treasure: Medallion of St. Brendan the Navigator
Treasure - Rum Bottle
Treasure: Rum Bottle
Treasure - Scarab
Treasure: Scarab
Treasure - Voodoo Doll
Treasure: Voodoo Doll


Whip - Leather
Whip: Leather

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