Cap'n Greywolf's Bonepile

  Paper Models

An assortment of ships, critters, and other things as I find the time to put them together, for use as paper models and accessories for the Pirates RPG and other Savage Settings.


Paper Flat Ships Paper Flats: Ships
This pdf has two sheets of paper models representing ships for use with the Pirates RPG. The first page consists of assorted sloops (since that's the sort of ship you can start out with thanks to the Captain Edge), while the second has multi-masted ships of various other types. These pale in comparison to 3D models such as the original Pirates plasticard ships, but present an alternative if you can't actually find those anymore, since they went out of production. (Updated 8 Mar 2012.)
Paper Model Sloops Paper Models: Sloops
This sheet has bits and pieces of textures that can be printed off to assemble small paper sloops at a scale appropriate to Pirates RPG naval battles. If you cut out a small insulation-board foam base and use toothpicks to attach the masts, you can even make removable masts in order to keep track of battle damage. Assembly is more involved than the paper "flat" versions above.
Paper Ship Assembly Paper Ship Assembly (Sloops)
Instructions for assembling the paper pirate ships, with step-by-step photographs. These are geared for assembly of the sloops right now, but I'll expand as I add other model ship PDFs.
Sample Paper Carriage Sample Paper Model Carriage (External Link)
A paper model carriage from the 16th century (with coachman and team of horses), made for the Gothic Adventures series for Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

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