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  Map Tiles

Map tiles (with or without 1-inch grids) to represent ship decks and other places your pirates and privateers might fight on. You might also want to check out my general Map Tiles page, for floor tiles that might be useful in this or other gaming systems - or else the Fonts page for paper figures to stand on your brand new map tiles.


Sloop Deck Tiles Sloop Deck Tiles
Until such time as I make a proper "map tile" set from scratch, I opted to patch together photographs taken of some of the scenery used for my Pirates RPG games. This is the deck of a Mega Bloks Pyrates #3620 "Captain Cutlass's Stormstalker," with the "transformation chamber" removed, and mat board inserted to make a new, flat deck. (Photoshoppery has been used to remove the "rivets" from much of the ship, but the mat board serves nicely to bypass most of that.) The cannons are from a Pressman board game called "Weapons & Warriors: Pirate Battle Game." Other props on the ship are from various bits and pieces in my miniatures collection. I have these pictures put together in a PDF with two versions - with and without a 1" grid - divided into overlapping 8"x10" sheets, and with cutaway views of the captain's cabin. You can print them off, cut them out, and glue or tape them together (overlapping as appropriate), and you should have a 27"x8" map tile set for a 1-masted sloop.
Shipwreck and Skiff Small Boat Tiles
Map tiles (with and without grids) for a tiny one-man "skiff," a small dhow, a partially-exposed shipwreck, and some dock sections (with and without cargo), made from photographs. The boats are from Pressman's "Weapons & Warriors Pirate Battles" game. The "shipwreck" pieces are from Chap Mei's "Pirate Expeditions" action toys. The docks are made with Hirst Arts "plank" molds.

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