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  Adventure Deck

For the official Savage Worlds Adventure Deck, be sure to check out its entry on the Smith & Robards site. The Adventure Deck gives your players a way to tweak the plot, beyond just tossing Bennies in to get re-rolls.

You can get some customized Adventure Deck cards from the Pinnacle site, modified to more specifically meet the themes of various Savage Worlds settings; you can add these to your Adventure Deck, or swap some out to suit the "feel" you want for your campaign. Here, I've endeavored to make a few "Pirates" themed Adventure Deck cards, drawing inspiration from various "treasure" and event cards in the original Pirates CSG.


Adventure Deck Prototype Pirates RPG Adventure Deck
(Updated 31 Mar 2008.) 56 optional Adventure Cards, for adding to or swapping with cards from the official Adventure Deck. It also has a set of stand-in card backs (modified from some of my plunder gallery art), but I hope to make a proper design when I get the time. Special thanks to JackAce and Algorond on the Pinnacle Forums for their critiques, which are reflected in some changes to these cards.

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