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What's a web site without bunches of links to other web sites? So here's where you'll find sundry links to other sites that may be of interest if you like this one:

Sparks: Paper Miniatures
Paper miniatures for use with RPGs, and other fun, including Legend of Winter Forest, Cairo Moon, Justice City, and Yellow Jack and Rum, Sparks sets by yours truly.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Home page for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, makers of the Savage Worlds and Deadlands RPGs. I've done some "figure flat" designs for them, as well as a few maps and filler illustrations.

Triple Ace Games
Home page for Triple Ace Games, makers of licensed Savage Worlds settings such as Daring Tales of Adventure, Necropolis, Age of Piracy, and more. I've done some figure flat and adventure illustrations for them, as well as writing, layout and editing for Wonderland No More.

Reality Blurs
Home page for Reality Blurs, makers of licensed Savage Worlds settings such as RunePunk, Iron Dynasty, and Realms of Cthulhu. I've done some work for them in the form of RunePunk Paper Figures.

Reality Blurs
Home page for Fabled Environments, makers of realistic blueprint maps of modern and historic locations with a focus on use for roleplaying games. I've done some work for them with John Beattie's Fearsome Critters setting for Savage Worlds RPG.

Home page for the Necronomicon Gaming Department - sponsors of gaming events at Necronomicon and the summer "Necro Gaming" event, associated with the Stone Hill SF Association. Each year, I run game sessions at Necronomicon and related game events.

And below are a few buttons and banners from a long time ago that I'm just putting here because there really isn't any better place I can think of for them.

Greywolf Button Greywolf Unicorn Button Greywolf 'Winter Walk' Button Greywolf 'Salamander' Button

Greywolf Banner - 4K

Greywolf 'Signature' Banner - 52K

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