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Floor Tiles

I've made a few paper models, but what good are paper models of the characters, without somewhere to put them? So, I've tried to create a few floor tiles, printable on 8.5"x11" paper, at 72 dpi, marked off in 1" grids, usable for Ironclaw or other fantasy RPGs. (To make the most of each page, there are multiple tiles in each image. Some cutting apart will be necessary. It's also recommended to print off onto coverstock or heavier weight paper, rather than regular paper - and then perhaps gluing down to thin cardboard backing.)

Some of the textures and images were acquired by taking photographs of some 3D scenery I built, using Hirst Arts molds.

For more floor tiles possibly usable with Ironclaw, be sure to check out the main Map Tiles page.

Bluestone Passages PDF Bluestone Shrine PDF
All of the "bluestone" passage and chamber floor tiles below, put together into a single, handy PDF, for easy printing. Just print as many copies of each page as you want, cut out individual segments, and paste them back together onto some thin cardboard, to build a shrine, temple, or fancy noble residence.
Bluestone Passages 72 dpi Bluestone Passages
A set of three passages (crammed together to fit on a standard 8.5"x11" sheet of paper). One is a corridor with columns running along the sides; another is a somewhat more plain corridor, with columns only in the corners. The last one crammed into the bottom is a corridor with side openings - perhaps leading to rooms. At each end of the bottom passage are a couple of "terminator" pieces to end hallways, or to turn those side-passages into "alcoves".
Bluestone Intersections 72 dpi Bluestone Intersections
A foursome of 4x4 corridor intersection pieces - a corner, a T-section, a 4-way intersection, and a dead end - plus a couple of alcove "terminators".
Bluestone Room 72 dpi Bluestone Room
A large (6x6) room and antechamber.
Bluestone Chamber 72 dpi Bluestone Chamber
A large (6x6) chamber and adjoining passage.
Bluestone Shrine 72 dpi Bluestone Shrine
A large (6x6) room with double archways leading out, and a mosaic pattern on the floor making the eight-pointed star emblem of S'allumer, along with a 4x6 "foyer" with a pair of double doors, and flanked by stained glass windows. (The "stained glass windows" are made from a picture I drew a long time ago of a "bat angel", which someone else colorized.)

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