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Ironclaw Paper Accessories

Get Acrobat Reader On the official Ironclaw site, you will find free "cardboard hero" paper models for the Ironclaw RPG. In the interest of broadening the selection available, I've created some sheets of paper models myself. You're free to download them and use them for your own games. (You'll just need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to decipher the files.)

Ghost Writer Also, for some of these documents (those listed as being in EPS format), you may need a special program to be able to view and print them. GhostWriter and GhostView were used to create the Adobe Acrobat files available on this page, and can also be used to view (and print) EPS documents.

I also have paper models for Ironclaw and other game genres available in TrueType font format - either in 2-sided or 3-sided forms on my fonts page.

Fox Bard Ironclaw Paper Models - Cumulative Pack - 19 May 2002

This is a massive ZIP file containing all of the Ironclaw paper model sets to date.

Download Ironclaw Pack - 19 May 2002
(Approximately 10.3 M in size)

Qiling Entertainer Jadeclaw Paper Models - Cumulative Pack - 19 May 2002

This is a massive ZIP file containing all of the Jadeclaw paper model sets to date.

Download Jadeclaw Pack - 19 May 2002
(Approximately 5.1 M in size)

Bat Mage Set #1: Calabrian Bats

My first foray into making "paper stand-ups" on sheets is a collection of fourteen Calabrian bats. (Female Rogue, Male Rogue, Female with Crossbow, Male Astrologer, Female Noble, Female Mage, Male Mage, Male Spy, Priestess of S'allumer, Priest of S'allumer, Male Scholar, Atavist ... plus Female Mage #2 and Assassin with this revision.)

Download Calabrian Bats 2.0

Cat Assassin Set #2: Jadeclaw Cats

This is a collection of twelve cat/tiger models for use with Jadeclaw. (Female Cat Assassin, Male Cat Assassin, Snow Leopard with Axe, Tiger Soldier with Polearm, Tiger Soldier with Spear, Tiger with Paired Swords, Tigress Sword Dancer, Tigress Warrior, Tiger Swordsman, Female Cat Acrobat, Female Cat Sword Dancer, Tiger with Paired Swords #2)

Download Jadeclaw Cats

Phoenix Mage Set #3: Jadeclaw Court

This is a collection of fourteen assorted models for use with Jadeclaw, focusing on courtiers and other well-dressed sorts. (Dragon Officer, Dog Attendant, Vixen Courtier, Horse Princess, Monkey Advisor, Rooster Bureaucrat, Snake Courtier, Qi-Ling Noble, Phoenix Mage, Ewe Matriarch, Rabbit Sorcerer, Horse Enchantress, Dragon Lady, Ox Lady)

Download Jadeclaw Court 2.0

Horse Martial Artist Set #4: Jadeclaw Martial Artists

This is a collection of fourteen martial artist models for use with Jadeclaw. (Female Dog Pit Fighter, Male Dog Martial Artist, Tattooed Horse, Panda Fighter, Rabbit Kickboxer, Hyena Bodyguard, Rat Assassin, Rat Vagrant, Rooster Brawler, Black Serpent, Dragon Sword Saint, Female Qi-Ling Sword Saint, Weasel Boxer, Rabbit Adventurer)

Download Jadeclaw Martial Artists 2.0

Panda Monk Set #5: Jadeclaw Village

This is a collection of fourteen villager models for use with Jadeclaw. (Boar Laborer, Female Cat Attendant, Dog Servant, Vixen Lady, Monkey Assistant, Rat Peasant, Rat Farmer, Rat Traveler, Snake Porter, Rat Tinker, Turtle Sage, Panda Monk, Porcupine Healer, Rooster Carpenter)

Download Jadeclaw Village 2.0

Qi-Ling Commander Set #6: Jadeclaw Warriors

This is a collection of twelve combatant models for use with Jadeclaw. (Horse Soldier, Boar Archer, Camel Raider, Dragon Warrior, Elephant Champion, Horse Guard, Qi-Ling Commander, Rabbit Archer, Wolf Sentry, Wolf Barbarian, Turtle Fighter, Monkey Swordsman, Ram Skirmisher, Wolf Soldier)

Note: the Ram Skirmisher was formerly in Set #7: Jadeclaw Spirits

Download Jadeclaw Warriors 2.0

Vermin Set #7: Jadeclaw Spirits

This is a collection of models of fourteen ghosts and spirits for use with Jadeclaw. (Vixen Shade, Wild Dog Shade, Female Cat Phantom Servant, Vermin: Centipede, Vermin: Scorpion, Vermin: Spider, Vermin: Toad, Vermin: Viper, Zombie Warrior, Skeletal Warrior, Skeletal Ox, Goblin Spider, Kappa, Painted Skin Devil)

Download Jadeclaw Spirits 2.0

Rat Archer Set #8: Ironclaw Rats

This is a collection of fourteen rats of various professions. (Female Archer, Mage, Sorcerer, Priest, Barbarian, Swordswoman, Charletan, Beggar, Street Urchin, Mercenary, Assassin, Thug, Barmaid, Farmer)

Download Ironclaw Rats 2.0

Cloaked Cat Set #9: Ironclaw Cats

This is a collection of fourteen cats of various professions. (Cat Archer, Screeberagh, Cultist, Cat Knight, Lynx Swordsman, Cat Mage, Cat Enchantress, Cat Priest, Cat Rogue, Cat Swordsman, Cat Swordswoman, plus new additions of Gypsy and Kitten Girl)

Download Ironclaw Cats 2.0

Adventurer Set #10: Ironclaw Mice

This is a collection of fourteen mice of various professions. (Male Bard, Lady Bard, Lady Mystic, Lady Assistant, Tinker, Guard, Farmer, Little Girl, Adventurer, Soldier, Lady Adventurer, Rogue, Blacksmith, Priest)

Download Ironclaw Mice 2.0

Druid Set #11: Ironclaw Wolves

This is a collection of fourteen wolves of Bisclavret and the Phelan. (Howling Atavist, Atavist Spearman, Atavist Warrior, Phelan Peasant, Female Atavist, Highlander Swordsman, Highlander Pistolier, Druidess, Druid, Lady Bard, Lady Peasant, Monster Hunter, Tinker, Female Mercenary)

Download Ironclaw Wolves 3.0

Bard Set #12: Ironclaw Hedgehogs

This is a collection of twelve hedgehogs of various professions. (Lady Bard, Little Girl, Noble Lady, Noble Lord, Princess, Soldier, Old Woman, Male Warrior, Female Warrior, Enchantress, Priest, Scholar)

Download Ironclaw Hedgehogs

Fox Gypsy Set #13: Ironclaw Foxes

This is a collection of fourteen foxes of various professions. (Bard, Cloaked Vixen, Noble Vixen, Gypsy Vixen, Triskellian Soldier, Triskellian Knight, Arch-Mage, Priest, Vixen Penitent, Vixen Swordswoman, Cloaked Rogue, Swordsman, Vixen Warrior-Mage, Farmer)

Download Ironclaw Foxes 2.0

Undead Champion Set #14: Ironclaw Undead

This is a collection of fourteen zombies and skeletons -- an instant undead horde! (Skeletal Wolf, Skeletal Champion, Skeletal Lizard, Skeletal Bat, Skeletal Rat Archer, Skeletal Ram, Zombie Fox, Zombie Cat, Zombie Bat, Koblynau (Zombie Boar), Zombie Rat Archer, Zombie Ringtail Warrior, Zombie Rabbit, Zombie Squirrel)

Download Ironclaw Undead

Paragon Set #15: Ironclaw Spirits

This is a collection of ten elementals and spirits. (Elementals: Salamander (Fire), Sylph (Air), Gnome (Earth), Undine (Water), Paragon (Meta); Shades: Wraith, Reaper, Banshee, Flaming Skull; Benevolent Spirit)

Download Ironclaw Spirits

Uadh-Chrith Set #16: Ironclaw Large Lizards

This is a collection of seven large lizards. (Uadh-Chrith, Destrier, Rouncy, Cumal, Generic Lizard, Riding Lizard, Burindent)

Download Ironclaw Large Lizards

Deer Ranger Set #17: Cervines

This is a collection of twelve deer and similar creatures. (Deer Ranger, Doe Archer, Elk Archer, Keylljeyder Atavist, Deer Knight, Deer Soldier, Apprentice Mage, Doe Barmaid, Robed Deer, Doe Druid, Lady Antelope, Moose Woodcutter)

Download Ironclaw Cervines

Bear Adventurer Set #18: Bears

This is a collection of twelve bears (larger size models). (Warrior, Mercenary, Highwayman, Farmer, Female Elementalist, Atavist, Armored Champion, Mage, Female Adventurer, Priest, Knight, Warrioress)

Download Ironclaw Bears 2.0

Carnivore Set #19: Jadeclaw Lizards #1

This is a collection of nine models of lizards from the Jadeclaw setting: (Large Beast, Pack Animal, Large Carnivore, Riding Lizard, Large Herbivore, Proto-Birds (x2), Pack Predators (x2))

Download Jadeclaw Lizards #1

Proto-Bird Set #20: Jadeclaw Lizards #2

This is a collection of ten models of lizards from the Jadeclaw setting: (War Lizard (x2), War Lizard with Tack (x2), Riding Lizard (x2), Large Proto-Bird (x2), Proto-Birds (2 varieties))

Download Jadeclaw Lizards #2

Passarellite Set #21: Ironclaw Horses

This is a collection of ten large models of horses of various professions: (Peasant Girl, Adventurer, Swordsman, Ardentine, Anuite, Passarellite, Priestess, Knight, Female Adventurer, Mage)

Download Ironclaw Horses

Mage with Wand Set #22: Ironclaw Rabbits

This is a collection of fourteen models of rabbits of various professions: (Adventurer, Swordswoman, Priest, Priestess, Peasant Child, Peasant Girl, Mage, Female Mage, Knight, Pistolier, Female Bard, Rogue, Female Atavist, Female Archer)

Download Ironclaw Rabbits

Raccoon Juggler Set #23: Ironclaw Fools

This is a collection of fourteen "fools" (jesters, pranksters, and entertainers) of various species. (Phelan Fool #1, Phelan Fool #2, Fiach Fool, Lynx Jester, Dog Fool, Bat Water-Bombardier, Hedgehog Prankster, Raccoon Juggler, Ferret Acrobat, Squirrel Harlequin, Monkey Puppeteer, Mouse on Stilts, Rat Hooligan, Rabbit Stage Magician)

Download Ironclaw Fools

Boar Warrioress Set #24: Ironclaw Boars

This is a collection of fourteen boars of various professions, many aligned with House Doloreaux. (Lutarist #1, Lutarist #2, Veteran Warrior, Doloreaux Soldier #1, Doloreaux Soldier #2, Doloreaux Noble, Doloreaux Lady, Swordsman, Swordswoman, Mercenary, Archer, Mage, Cloaked Stranger, Vidame)

Download Ironclaw Boars

Noble Swordswoman Set #25: Ironclaw Raccoons

This is a collection of fourteen raccoons of various professions. (Highwayman, Rogue, Adventurer, Noble Swordswoman, Ranger, Huntress, Mage, Enchantress, Duelist, Noble Lady, Monk, Priestess, Barkeep, Child Page)

Download Ironclaw Raccoons

Badger Priest Set #26: Ironclaw Mustelids

This is a collection of fourteen assorted mustelids of various professions. (Badger Adventurer, Badger Rogue, Mink Ranger, Weasel Thief, Ferret Friar, Otter Seer, Otter Pirate, Badger Warrioress, Badger Woodsman, Mink Huntress, Weasel Undertaker, Badger Priest, Otter Huntress, Wolverine Woodcutter)

Download Ironclaw Mustelids

Squirrel Gambler Set #27: Ironclaw Squirrels

This is a collection of fourteen squirrels of various professions. (Archer, Female Archer, Enchantress, Sorcerer, Priest, Child, Rogue, Knight, Warrioress, Musician, Woodsman, Traveler, Gambler, Cook)

Download Ironclaw Squirrels

Skunk Adventurer Set #28: Ironclaw Skunks

This is a collection of fourteen skunks of various professions. (Feocullan Spearman #1, Feocullan Spearman #2, Female Feocullan, Druid, Druidess, Enchantress, Flutist, Female Bard, Cavalier, Swordsman, Female Rogue, Mage, Barmaid, Female Adventurer)

Download Ironclaw Skunks

Rhino Elementalist Set #29: Ironclaw Rhinos

This is a collection of twelve rhinoceros of various professions. (Bouncer, Soldier, Ardentine, Knight, Mercenary, Thug, Executioner, Elementalist, Scholar, Atavist, Warrioress, Female Warrior-Mage)

Download Ironclaw Rhinos

Sparrow Scribe Set #30: Jadeclaw Sparrows

This is a collection of fourteen sparrows of various professions. (Peasant #1, Peasant #2, Priest, Vampire Hunter, Courtier, Thief, Singer, Scribe, Accountant, Warrior, Elementalist, Mercenary Scout, Bureaucrat, Rogue)

Download Jadeclaw Sparrows

Qiling Sword Dancer Set #31: Jadeclaw Qilings

This is a collection of fourteen qilings of various professions. (Noblewoman, Princess, Scholar, Sword Dancer, Sword Saint, Sorceress, Monk, Martial Artist, Wizard, Spirit Hunter, Entertainer, Ch'ou (Opera Clown), Nun, Warrior-Mage)

Download Jadeclaw Qilings

Dolphin Dancer Set #32: Ironclaw Dolphins

This is a collection of fourteen dolphins of various professions. (Male Elementalist, Female Elementalist, Dancer, Spearwoman, Sea Witch, Princess, Nobleman, Old Crone, Warrior, Warrioress, Fisherman, Priest, Hunter, Soldier)

Download Ironclaw Dolphins

Vixen Necromancer Set #33: Rinaldi NPCs

This is a collection of fourteen characters from the sample adventure included in the Rinaldi sourcebook. (Ape Magistrate, Bloodhound, Vixen Necromancer, Madman Fox, Fox Noble, Porcupine Sailor, Monkey Mercenary, Tiger Slaver, Otter Mage, Rat Merchant, Shrew Money-Changer, Shrew Guard, Skeletal Guard, Weasel Mage)

Download Rinaldi NPCs

Snake Scribe Set #34: Jadeclaw Snakes

This is a collection of fourteen snakes of various professions. (Peasant, Scribe, Devil Hunter, Opera Clown, Archer, Adventurer, Musician, Fisherman, Courtier, Wizard, Assassin, Dancer, Monk, Warrior)

Download Jadeclaw Snakes

Cheetah Villager Set #35: Ironclaw Cheetahs

This is a collection of fourteen cheetahs of various professions. (Slave, Servant Girl, Thief, Villager, Warrior #1, Warrior #2, Plainsman, Priestess, Shaman, Tribal Dancer, Missionary, Atavist, Bodyguard, Sorcerer)

Download Ironclaw Cheetahs

Rabbit Vampire Hunter Set #36: Jadeclaw Heroes

This is a "grab bag" assortment of Jadeclaw characters of varied professions and races. (Rabbit Martial Artist #1, Rabbit Martial Artist #2, Rabbit Kickboxer, Rabbit Vampire Hunter, Female Horse Mage, Dog Martial Artist/Mage, Rat Soldier, Panda Traveler, Boar Officer, Vixen Courtier, "Black Tortoise" Horse, "Drunken Fist" Monkey, Turtle Monk, Phoenix Mage)

Note: "Rabbit Vampire Hunter," "Turtle Monk," and "Phoenix Mage" were previously in the "Jadeclaw Spirits" set.

Download Jadeclaw Heroes

Tiger Warrior Set #37: Jadeclaw Tigers

This is a collection of 12 larger size models of tigers of various professions from the lands of Jadeclaw. (Sword Dancer #1 and #2, Warrior with Polearm #1 and #2, Swordsman, Sword Saint #1 and #2, Swordswoman, Assassin, Atavist, Bodyguard, Female Mage)

Note: Some of these models previously appeared in "Jadeclaw Cats" at a smaller size.

Download Jadeclaw Tigers

Dray Set #38: Medium Lizards

This is a collection of 10 large models (two inches tall) of "medium-sized" lizards from the lands of Calabria. There are two copies each of five different models: (Burindent #1, Burindent #2*, Dray, Destrier*, Jennet*)

Note: The models marked by an asterisk(*) also appear, scaled differently, in the "Large Lizards" set.

Download Ironclaw Medium Lizards

Double Door Scenery: Doors #1

This is a collection of ten paper markers for basic doors, for use to help represent the layout of areas where the action takes place (and whether doors are open or closed). This version is in color, with four different door types.

Download Ironclaw Doors #1

Dungeon Door Scenery: Doors #2

This is a collection of ten paper markers for basic doors, for use to help represent the layout of areas where the action takes place (and whether doors are open or closed). This smaller version is in black and white line art, with five different door types (four of which are repeated from the first set).

Download Ironclaw Doors #2

Dungeon Door (Color) Scenery: Doors #3

This is a collection of ten paper markers for basic doors, for use to help represent the layout of areas where the action takes place (and whether doors are open or closed). This is a color version of the doors in "Doors #2", but it is in EPS format instead of Adobe Acrobat. You will need a program capable of manipulating EPS (such as GhostScript / GhostView) to view and print off this file.

Download Ironclaw Doors #3

You can also find .pdf sheets full of "cardboard heroes", plus blank template sheets at the official Ironclaw site:

Ironclaw Gaming System

For more paper models, I highly recommend checking out the following link:

Sparks: Paper Miniatures

Express Coach Color Miniatures Express Coach has put together paper models using my color portraits of the Ironclaw elementals (and certain other supernatural creatures), and made them available as a PDF format download on the Express Coach Resources Page. This includes the Undine, Salamander, Sylph, Gnome, Paragon, Shade, Zombie and Spirit. The original illustrations can be found in the Ironclaw Spirits Gallery.
Bluestone Shrine 72 dpi For a few places to put the paper models on - and some higher-resolution doors - I've put together a few floor tiles specifically for Ironclaw, and other game systems.

So, do you like the sheets? Would you like to see more? Do you actually have a use for these in your role-playing games? If so, please let me know, because it's very helpful and encouraging to get some feedback. (Otherwise, I have no way of knowing whether it's worth the trouble to make more.)

Ironclaw and Jadeclaw are copyright 1999-2002 Sanguine Productions, Limited. Used with permission; all rights reserved. Sparks are a trademark of Cumberland Games and Diversions. Images and artwork on this page are copyright by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock. This site is not official, and should not be considered representative of the quality of products of Sanguine Productions, Ltd.