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Necronomicon 2003
Friday, October 24th through Sunday, October 26th, 2003
Tampa, Florida

Spirit DancerThe Lost City
Monday, Oct 24, 4 pm - 8 pm

The Elephant Kingdom stretches across the southern part of the continent of Akoma, in the steaming jungles of Sarjmoti. Legend has it that the Elephant King once ruled from a palace even more grand than the one he inhabits now, in the original city of Akpa Uche ... but that a witch's curse caused the jungle to swallow the city whole. Legends also say that the Kings of Sarjmoti, when it is time to pass on from this world, journey to the old city, braving perils natural and supernatural, to die with the bones of their ancestors.

Desperate times force a band of adventurers to consider the unthinkable - to risk the wrath of the Elephant Kings by seeking out the lost city of Akpa Uche, on a quest for a magical artifact that might drive off spirits of sickness responsible for a terrible plague. Opposing them, the wild beasts of the jungle, savages of the wilderness, the "M'fiti" (jungle wtiches), and - if the legends are true - a noble sect of Elephant warriors dedicated to guarding the city against all trespassers.

  Blade DancerValley of Kings
Sunday, Oct 26, 10 am - 2 pm

Keshet is a land fallen from former glory. Crumbling pyramids and fallen temples attest to the achievements of an earlier age, but now Keshet is but a "protectorate" of the Wolves of Bisclavret. To the foreigners, the tombs of Keshet are a source of wonder and mystery, but to be explored and cataloged, not to be left untouched as the ancients had intended.

A visiting Bisclavret lordling, young Master Whitewood, fancies himself an archaeologist, and during his tour of Keshet, a tomb of an ancient ruler has been unearthed. The Bisclavret-appointed "advisor," Governor MacDonnel, has arranged for an expedition to the tomb, for the young lord's benefit. A troupe of Calabrian mercenaries has been hired to see to it that Whitewood's expedition is without unfortunate incident - for it is rumored that these tombs are laden with not only treasure, but deadly traps as well ... and perhaps a curse or two.

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