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The Skirfane Campaign

The Skirfane Campaign is a series of loosely connected adventures, started on May 18th, 2002, and wrapping up in September of the same year, with players from Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Tampa. Some of the adventures our heroes have gone through may find their way onto this site as "mini-modules," though likely with considerable editing and adjusting. This page is devoted to documenting the triumphs and travails of this group of intrepid (and not-so-intrepid) protagonists, as their various personal goals guide them along the River Skirfane; it just so happens that when they run into each other, strange things occur.

The Heroes

Kanthu Mini Kanthu Kanthu

Kanthu is (so far as he knows) the last surviving, free member of his tribe, hailing from the southern continent of Akoma. He is an Atavist, tapping into the primal powers of the Cheetah, gifted with mind-boggling speed on foot. His tribe was attacked by slavers from the lands of Bisclavret, and those who survived were put into bonds and taken into slavery. Kanthu escaped capture, and he vowed that he would not rest until he had freed all of his brethren. He has spent many years journeying from his homeland, learning the customs and languages of the land of Calabria, and looking for clues as to the whereabouts of his fellow tribesmen. Now, he has a lead ... and it is taking him along the River Skirfane, at the edge of Bisclavret lands.

Duncan Mini Brother Duncan Brother Duncan

Brother Duncan is a member of the Ardentine Order, and a devout follower of S'allumer, though he still shows his Bisclavret heritage with pride. He has determined his calling to be that of a witch hunter -- one who deals with rogue sorcerers who use magic for dark purposes. He is a driven character, if a bit overzealous. Due to this, he has a reputation among most mages of seeing them as "guilty until proven innocent," thus they tend to be a bit cold to him most of the time. For his part, he does not go out of his way to be friendly to most wizards, since he figures that he might be called upon to take them down if they cross the line.

Le Noir Mini Tremaine Le Noir Tremaine Le Noir

Tremaine is a proud son of the minor house of Noir, with holdings in the southern part of the lands of Bisclavret. After serving in a campaign with the armies of Bisclavret, he is journeying southward back to his family lands, and finding a few adventures here and there along the way.
The History of Tremaine Lenoir

Pim Mini Pim Pim

Pim is a simian gifted with a prehensile tail and feet and remarkable agility. He exploits all of this for the sake of performing for a crowd, as he is very much a ham and a show-off, and naturally this is how he seeks to make a living. He travels from town to town, in order to meet new people to whom his act is still fresh; any rumors that things tend to "disappear" around him are, of course, entirely unfounded, and have nothing to do with his habit of moving on quickly.

Beauhaugen Dane Beauhaugen Dane

Beauhaugen Dane is thin and unassuming for a black leopard (or, as he would claim to be, a black panther), and dressed in very humble apparel for one who is a practitioner of the supernatural arts. There are a few rumors about that those of the family of Dane are predisposed toward the dark arts, though nothing so substantiated as to warrant the personal attention of an inquisitor. As for his origin and motivations, his own journal explains it best:
Entry #1 Entry #2

Spartac Spartac

Spartac is a mountain of muscle and fur, easily capable of wielding a full-stone flail in one handed, and a heater shield in the other. He is a battle-hardened mercenary, but still knows how to have a good time; he's often seen partying it up in the local tavern, and he is always a respecter of a good meal and free-flowing ale. He's twice the size of the average warrior, and has the appetite to match -- reason enough to keep him wandering along the Skirfane in search of new employment.

S'Narl Mini S'Narl S'Narl

Little is known of this mysterious wolverine, and whether he might have any connection to House Blaireu of the Bisclavret lands. It is rumored that he is an "acquirer of antiquities," and that despite his disheveled appearance, he possesses an education beyond that of the common rabble. He's a quick shot with a crossbow, though reputedly none too skilled with the flail he keeps around for situations when there's no time to load another bolt.

Flynn Mini Flynn the Flood

Flynn is a ferret of less-than-impressive stature, though he wears garish attire to make it very plain that he is a wizard - and not just any wizard, but a worker of the element of Water. He is a skittish, easily exciteable creature, rarely impressing others with his intellect, and frequently calling into doubt his authenticity by his lack of wizardly decor. However, he seems an almost perpetually happy fellow nonetheless, riding along with his serendip-pulled amphibious wagon laden with all sorts of "useful things," ranging from brass doorknobs to holy symbols, carpets to last week's bread.

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