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About Me

About the Handle:
Way back in grade school, a friend and I discovered the geeky world of role-playing games, thanks to a couple of incomplete modules and screens (and some dice) I acquired cheaply in a clearance sale. We invented fantasy personas, imagining ourselves to be a couple of knights or "paladins." I settled upon the moniker of "Jordan Greywolf," because I liked the sound of it (I had decided on "grey" as my favorite color, since nobody else seemed to care for it, and I thought wolves were cool). Later, when I would go on to do artwork for the high school newspaper, then for the college newspaper, I signed my artwork by that name - and I used it as a basis for online usernames. Back in the real world, I answer to either "Todd Peacock" or "Jordan Peacock." Or, "T. Jordan 'Greywolf' Peacock" if the mood strikes. I'm not terribly particular.

What I Do / What I've Done:
I've worked as a sculptor, a typesetter, a computer programmer, a technical support representative, and an illustrator. I'm presently employed at Ideas To Go, quite possibly the coolest place to work, ever. I am a word processing specialist and concept illustrator for a creative facilitation (aka "brainstorming") company.

In my spare time, I run role-playing games at my house with friends. I like miniatures games - especially the part about kitbashing, painting and occasionally sculpting the miniatures, and making scenery to go along with them. My other hobby interests include font design and illustration.

Religion and Family:
I'm a Christian of Baptist leanings, while my wife, Wendy, is a Pentecostal. We get along just fine, for the most part. ;)

Most of my extended family is well scattered over the United States, and I did a bit of moving around while growing up (mostly in the Midwest).

More on Hobbies:
For a while, I edited a fanzine called Pawprints Fanzine, a journal of anthropomorphic animal artwork and stories, published by my friend, Conrad "Lynx" Wong. After issue #12, we wrapped it up; online art and story archives have largely taken care of the niche that "Pawprints Fanzine" was trying to fill. Lynx runs an online MUCK that I sometimes visit, SinaiMUCK, where he and May "Rowan" Wasserman, among others, run various online role-playing adventures, sometimes using variations on the "Savage Worlds" rules.

I've run several role-playing campaigns, and some of the material generated from these campaigns is on this site. Most recently, I've been focusing on the Savage Worlds system, and various settings associated with it. I've put together some custom programs to help with the dice-rolling in a text-based environment for SinaiMUCK, and run more conventional games at my house and at Necronomicon.

"Savage Settings" I've run include Pirates of the Spanish Main, Savage Ghostbusters, and Wonderland No More, to name a few.

Advanced HeroQuest holds a special place in my heart, too. It's not the first game system I ever ran (as that honor belongs to the monstrosity that is Champions 4th Edition) but it's one that has "aged well" due to its simplicity and flexibility.

I've also done a bit of artwork for the Ironclaw RPG, put out by Sanguine Productions, Ltd., and I have some writing credits in the "Bisclavret" supplement. You can also find some of my artwork at Cumberland Games & Diversions, a site dedicated to paper accessories for roleplaying games. (I've done illustrations for a few of the "Sparks" sets there.)

The Web Site:
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If you find any problems with this web site, or maybe you just have some other feedback, you can contact me at:


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