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The following items collectively constitute a "player's guide" to the Savage Ghostbusters setting, with details on how to create characters and equip them, plus some sample pregenerated characters. A copy of the Savage Worlds rules is still required to play.


Player Guide Core Player Guide
An overview of the Savage Ghostbusters setting, with setting-specific variants on the usual Savage Worlds creation rules, including new Edges and "races" (ghost and animal sidekicks). Also includes a brief overview of special ghostbusting equipment, and how the team earns more through Requisition Points. Updated 19 Oct 2020 for Savage Worlds Adventurers' Edition.
Proton Pack & Slime Blower Player Reference Cards Proton Pack & Slime Blower Player Reference Cards
Half-page cards for keeping track of Heat/Slime Units, with quick summaries of the properties and special abilities of the Proton Pack and Slime Blower. Updated 23 Mar 2012. Needs update to match Core Player Guide.
Pregenerated Character Sheets Pregenerated Character Sheets
Pregenerated character sheets from my own Ghostbusters campaign, utilizing a variant of the Savage Worlds "training wheels" character sheet template. (Note: Needs update to match SWADE character creation changes.)
Modified 'Training Wheels' Character Sheet Modified 'Training Wheels' Character Sheet
A variation on the "Training Wheels" character sheet for Savage Worlds, customized for the Savage Ghostbusters setting. The "Training Wheels" sheet, available from the Pinnacle web site, is a particularly useful sheet for beginners, since it has several game options referenced right on the sheet.
Requisition & Ghost Trap Handouts Requisition and Ghost Trap Handouts
Half-page reference sheets that give a rough summary of how Requisition Points are spent, and how ghost traps are used. Updated 23 Mar 2012. Not yet updated for SWADE.
Equipment Cards (Regular) Equipment Cards (Regular)
Cards representing various types of special equipment the team can pick up, ranging from such basics as ghost traps, PKE meters, and paragoggles, to various types of upgrades and options to a basic proton pack or slime blower unit. Updated 23 Mar 2012.
Equipment Cards (Toner Friendly) Equipment Cards (Toner Friendly)
A slightly more "printer-friendly" version of the equipment cards, printed on a light background (but still with color illustrations and borders). Updated 23 Mar 2012.


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