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After much delay, I'm finally updating this to SWADE rules, and working on some sample adventures.


Savage Ghostbusters GM Guide Savage Ghostbusters GM Guide
A collection of setting rules, suggestions on how to run a typical mission and campaign, a bestiary of sample haunts, and two sample adventure briefs. (Last updated 20 Oct 2020.)
Ghostbusters-themed Adventure Cards for Savage Worlds Ghostbusters-themed Adventure Cards
Here are some Ghostbusters-themed Adventure Cards to expand your Adventure Deck. These are based on cards I've been using in my Ghostbusters-themed games at home and at conventions. (Last updated 19 Oct 2020.)
Savage Betrayal at the House on the Hill - Treasure/Relic Cards Savage Betrayal at the House on the Hill - Treasure/Relic Cards
I still need to put together a Savage Worlds adventure write-up for this, but here are some cards I made up to represent Savage Worlds translations of items from the "Betrayal at the House on the Hill" board game. (The idea was to use the room tiles from the board game and the basic gist of the game for a Savage Worlds adventure one-shot.) Having several of these "relics" in an ongoing campaign could be rather imbalancing; this is more designed for a one-shot game, or with the idea that most of these items will lose their magical properties once removed from the premises.


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