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  Figure Flats & Accessories

The following are paper models and accessories meant to represent your Ghostbusters team, ghosts to bust, and various other things of use on the miniatures table, such as templates for slime bursts, and markers for the Ectomobile.


Ectomobile Vehicle Flats Ectomobile Vehicle Flats
Flat markers to represent a variety of Ectomobiles that might be used by the team, ranging from the lowly starter economy-model compact car, to the stylish Ecto-Limo.
Figure Flats & Vehicle Markers Figure Flats & Vehicle Markers
An assortment of tri-fold figure flats to represent members of a Ghostbusters team, and various ghosts for them to face off against, plus some markers to represent placed ghost traps and the Ectomobile.
Alternative 2-Sided Figure Flat Bases Alternative 2-Sided Figure Flat Bases
For those who prefer their paper minis to be in two-sided rather than tri-fold format, here are some paper bases with an urban theme for converting the figure flats above.
Paranormal-Themed Burst Templates Paranormal-Themed Burst Templates
Small, Medium and Large Burst Templates, plus Cone Templates for use with the Savage Worlds RPG, with a variety of paranormal texture themes (slime, particle beams, ghostly wisps, etc.).
Turkey Busters Turkey Busters
For a Thanksgiving-themed Ghostbusting adventure, how about taking on the Ghost of Thanksgiving Past, a horde of zombie turkeys, or spicy-hot infernal turkeys? There are even some robot "turkenators" (transported from the future to stop Thanksgiving, but they ended up arriving a bit late). There are even a few wild turkeys that should be perfectly ordinary by comparison. (Or are they?) Happy Thanksgiving!


Other Links of Possible Interest
The following are links to figure flats and paper accessories that I've made, which might be useful for a Savage Ghostbusters campaign, but they're all off-site - a selection from the figure flats page. (If you happen to run into any broken links, please let me know!)


Modern Vehicle Markers #1 Modern Vehicle Markers #1
An assortment of vehicle marker "flats" to represent obstacles in the streets, or alternate modes of transportation for our heroes in a hurry.
Modern Vehicle Markers #2 Modern Vehicle Markers #2
Here are some "distressed" versions of the Modern Vehicle Markers, suitable for "haunted" vehicles the heroes have to chase down ... or assorted wrecks in the streets if the Ghostbusters have to deal with a zombie apocalypse.
Goth Girl Zombie Everybody Loves Zombies!
This is a sample of figure flats from Pinnacle, featuring a small horde of modern zombies. What happens when you cross the Ghostbusters with a zombie apocalypse? Let's find out!
Crime City Figure Flats Crime City Figure Flats #1: The Moscow Connection
These flats were originally drawn for use with The Moscow Connection, a "One-Sheet" adventure for use with Savage Worlds, on the Pinnacle web site. There's not a ghost in the lot, but it has an assortment of modern characters who might be useful here or there in your adventures as bystanders, allies, or mortal adversaries: Russian mafia, "Red Hand" terrorists, armed dock workers, security guards, and a hostage.
Crime City Figure Flats #2 Crime City Figure Flats #2: The Good, the Bad, and the Even Worse
Another page of modern-era figure flats of more general use, portraying an assortment of gangers, robbers, punks, police, and bystanders.

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